Kim Possible

For some reason (now because I need to go take a shower) I can never sit through this damn movie to decide if it’s good or bad. It’s all about a girl  and she’s a spy. Any time a girl is in the title, that’s a good sign. It’s prime real estate and girls rarely claim it, unless it’s a princess movie. For example, Monsters and Aliens had a great female character– Susan/ Genormica voiced by Reese Witherspoon, obviously the star but didn’t get the title. (Reese by the way, early career starred in one of my all time favorite movies for breaking female stereotypes: Freeway. If you have not seen this movie, put it on your Netflix. so good)

So, Kim: she’s also a cheerleader. And the movie opens with a whole dance sequence, pop-poms, mini-skirts, exposed belly-buttons etc. But Kim is a great fighter, there are many fight scenes, and also, as far as the cheerleader thing, I think approprating current images dominant in girl culture can be an effective and subversive way to create change.

Ok, sneaking off to shower while the kiddies are still absorbed and the baby is napping. I will try to watch this whole thing through and rate it for you.

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