More invisble women

Women’s Media Center just posted a great, short video on YouTube called “WMC at Sundance Film festival 2011” that gets across how invisible women and women’s stories are in the media. See the video here

As a potential mirror of our dreams and our realities, the media is seriously warped. Women are 53% of our population. How different would the world be if the media reflected women’s imaginations and points of view with the same attention it does men’s? Can you even picture it? Sometimes I think men have no idea what it’s like to exist in a world created by male fantasy. The problem isn’t that men are bad or that men are sexist; it’s that women need to be able to be the ones to tell their own stories.

Stats from the video:

72% of G-rated film characters are male. I just blogged about this yesterday

4 women have received best director nods, 1 woman has won

77% of film critics are male

86% of films had no female writers

5x more skin shown by women than men from G to R rated films

7% of top films in 2009 were directed by women (same stat as back in 1987)

24% of people interviewed in news are women

13% of guests on Sunday news shows are women

16% of news stories focus on women

67% of guests on major cable networks are men

26% of sources on NPR are women.