After Obama’s sexist comments, Tweets, blogs abound critiquing appearance of female politicians

After Obama’s comment yesterday calling California’s Kamala Harris the “best-looking attorney general,” the internet abounds with critiques about who is the prettiest.

Here just are a few Tweets:

is the best looking State AG,have you seen them other breastless doubletalking crumbs.

– Sure she’s nice looking; but, she’s no JANET RENO!

Get over it you P.C wusses! Obama was right! is indeed a babe! I have been jacking off to her for years!

Would it have been better if he called her homely?

Obama, do you have any idea how hard professional and public women have to work to direct the public discussion, critiques, and evaluations about them about them away from how they look and toward what they do? With just a few words yesterday, your reference to Harris’s appearance gave America permission to focus on the “attractiveness” of female leaders.

SFGate reports:

many commentators took the comment as an opportunity to joke about who they believe are the most attractive attorneys general.

Obama, however, does have some supporters:

Fox & Friends… found the comment more accurate than offensive, asking simply, “So what?”