Can you get more offensive than this sexist Aston Martin ad?

Words desert me. Ass-ton Martin? Crass-ton Martin?


Update: Word is this ad is a fake. And if it is, I’ve got to wonder, why do we believe it’s real? This 4 breasted woman, real or fake?


Answer: real ad for PlayStation

Update: I removed the photo after receiving this email from Marketing Playboy:

Dear Margot,


I was informed that your website contains copyright infringing material, consisting of (a part of) the fotoshoot with Rosanne Jongenelen.


This content is owned by Playboy. I therefore kindly request you to remove this material / these pictures from your website TODAY. Please send me a confirmation that you will comply with this request. If the material has not been removed by tomorrow, I have to take other actions and will send you a cease and desist letter.


Kind Regards,


Marketing Playboy Netherlands