Questions to ask when considering a movie for your kids

These are questions considered in Reel Girl’s rating system when deciding how appropriate a movie is for kids. Reel Girl rates kids media with 1 – 3 S’s for Stereotyping and 1 – 3 G’s for Girlpower. Obviously the male dominated MPAA has different standards.


Is the movie titled for a male star?

Is the movie centered around the quest of a male?

Are the females in the movie helping the male achieve his goal?

Which character goes through a transition?

What is the ratio of males to females? Main roles? Crowd scenes?

What are the females wearing? Does their clothing expose belly buttons and other body parts?

How many lines do the female characters have?

How many of the females’ lines have to do with what they’re wearing, what they look like, romantic relationships, or shopping?

How many of the males refer to the females only in reference to romance and how they look?

How do the females in the movie interact with each other? Do they interact at all?

How are female friendships depicted in the movie? Are there any?

Is a female character rescued by a male character?

Does a female character make a rescue?

What heroic acts or acts of bravery do the female characters perform?