Petraeus/ Broadwell conspiracy theories…

The Petraeus/ Broadwell story gets stranger by the minute, but did you see this from The Guardian?

The CIA has dismissed as “baseless” and “uninformed” claims made by the former lover of ex-agency chief David Petraeus that Libyan militants were held in secret US prisons prior to the deadly Benghazi consulate attack.

Paula Broadwell, the biographer whose affair with Petraeus led to his abrupt resignation Friday, alleged that the assault, in which US ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed, was an attempt to free men being detained in a covert CIA annex.

Speaking last month at the University of Denver, Broadwell further alleged that Petreaus knew about the secret holding cells.

President Barack Obama stripped the CIA of its power to take prisoners through an executive order signed soon after his inauguration in January 2009…

The comments were recorded and posted in a YouTube clip which has since been taken down.

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And this is pretty funny from The New Yorker: “How to Tell If You’re Involved in the Petraeus Scandal.”

How sick are we of this narrative? Powerful man brought down by his lust for younger woman blah blah blah. You know the only thing that will change this tired story? More women in power.

Frank Bruni has a great piece in the NYT about the sexism inherent in the scandal and the coverage of it: “Such adamant women, such pregnable men. We’ve been stuck on this since Eve, Adam and the Garden of Eden. And it’s true: Eve shouldn’t have been so pushy with the apple.” Read Bruni’s post here.

My favorite Tweet from Amanda Marcotte: “I love how sexists both believe men are incapable of impulse control AND should be the holders of all meaningful power.”