M&Ms or S&Ms?

I’ve written about the sexualized M & Ms twice before. Then someone sent me this:

Go go boots and handcuffs?  Straddling a tree “working the polls?” Ugh.

This ad is from a few years ago. Times have changed. Now she’s Ms. Green. Whoo-hoo. Here’s a recent pic from Sports Illustrated, guess what themed issue?

Male M&Ms, on the other hand, get to wear sneakers and act goofy.

What are kids supposed to think about females and males when they repeatedly see these kinds of narratives? The gender stereotyping in the animated world is extreme and it’s damaging in the same way that people finally caught on that it was wrong to use a cartoon camel to sell cigarettes to kids.

Ms. Green is everywhere: on TV, at Party City stores, in toys, games, magazines, and billboards. There is no way to protect our kids from seeing this offensive stereotype. Not to mention it’s candy marketed to kids.

Please go to M&Ms Facebook page and ask them to stop sexualizing female M & Ms. Our kids deserve more than to see females depicted in this degrading way.