Making it through the morning w/o losing it

10 Tips

(1) Load up the coffee machine the night before

(2) Get a good night’s sleep

(3) Get up 1/2 hour before kids

(4) Make kids pick out & lay out clothing the night before (one brilliant mom I know dresses her daughter in her “tomorrow clothes” before she goes to bed)

(5) Only one chance to make requests for hairstyles

(6) Cereal for breakfast, put out boxes on the table; cook only one hot thing. If  they want something else, they can go to their food shelves.

(7) Parents, don’t start activities if kids will annoy you if they interrupt you  including checking news or email (and if your husband happens to be a musician, no playing the piano or ukulele)

(8) If you have a sitter and multiple kids, it’s great if  s/he has a driver’s license and can help with drop off

(9) Good-bye kisses for everyone

(10) Lexapro