Dear white women who didn’t vote for Hillary or who did so ‘holding their noses’

Dear white women who didn’t vote for Hillary or who did so ‘holding their noses,’

You fucked up. I know ‘blaming women’ for Hillary’s defeat is yet another way to blame women, and where does that get us? I’m hoping the internalized misogyny will finally stop, because as long as white women choose the illusory safety of the patriarchy over the risk of supporting women, change won’t happen. Do you want change? Or do you want to keep electing presidents who are sexual predators, who multiple women accuse of assault, who confess to assault? Do you want this dark future for your daughters?


White women, I know it can feel like you’re in the “okay “category, like you’re safe and accepted, like you’re successfully hedging your bets if you label another woman a slut, or loose, or cheap, or ugly, or say her skirt is too short, she’s too thin or fat, wears too much make up, on and on and on but the patriarchy will never embrace you, will never value you, will never love you.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is flawed just like you are flawed. Just like every human being is flawed. Just like every presidential candidate is flawed. And no, Hillary’s flaws weren’t worse or more dramatic than those others, and previous presidents had the same email issue as she did and on and on. But Hillary is female, along with all those other flaws, and that meant you needed to risk standing by her. Instead, you turned away. Her campaign could not survive  the drip, drip, drip of vitriol, the vitriol you let happen, because along with how you just didn’t like her, how you let people call her “crooked” and “corrupt” or a bitch, she was fighting a monster. When she needed you, your money, your stickers, your support, your good words, you abandoned her. The best you could give her was holding your nose?

Instead of supporting Hillary, you let the world humiliate her in countless, public ways. You punished a woman for being ambitious and following her dreams. Now, my three daughters have a completely different future than the one they would’ve had. I pray that the next generation will risk something you didn’t: choosing feminism over patriarchy. I hope to lead by example because my daughters are watching me.



7 thoughts on “Dear white women who didn’t vote for Hillary or who did so ‘holding their noses’

  1. But can there also be black women who didnt vote for hillary? Im a liberal but everyone needs to stop pointing fingers at color/gender, chill.

  2. That´s exactly how I feel, too ! This bashing of other women by women has to stop !

    Nasty women of this earth – unite ! Sisterhood ! We have to stand by each other, finally !!!

  3. You’re spot on. It needed to be said.

    I’m an educated white woman and I very enthusiastically voted for her and gave my money to her campaign.

    I’m disgusted with my fellow white women who chose to support a man who sexually assaulted women, likes to camp out in beauty pageant dressing rooms, insulted a POW hero, insulted a gold star family, lost almost a billion in one year, doesn’t pay taxes, whose charity was shut down, whose university was a fraud, who keeps getting sued for not paying workers, who said women who get abortions need to be punished, who insulted Mexicans, who wants to ban Muslims and track the ones already here, who may not support NATO, who doesn’t believe that climate change is real, etc…

    Somehow all of that was not as bad as having a private email server? What?????

    White women (who voted for Trump) voted to support/embrace racism and a rape culture.

    The sad thing is that afterwards I found out that many of my female friends/family voted this way and I’m so disappointed in them. I’m having a hard time dealing with their choice. I still love them, but I feel like I really don’t know them anymore or understand them.

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