Judge Persky isn’t the problem, you are.

While I’m relieved to see America’s outrage at Judge Persky’s ridiculously light sentence for rapist and Stanford athlete Brock Turner, we’re reacting to one case of epidemic sexual assault in this country. Turner’s sentence is not an anomaly. In America, we accept rape culture. It’s normalized, and Persky acted the way judges do every single day.

On Reel Girl, I recently posted this T-shirt that reads: Two Beers Three Margaritas Four Jello Shots Taking Home The Girl Who Drank All the Above PRICELESS


I got a minimal response to my post.

It was two Swedes who reported Turner’s rape of this woman. Do you think two American frat boys would’ve done the same?

I’ve been reading Peggy Orenstein’s fantastic new book Girls and Sex in which author repeatedly references how the sex education programs in other countries are far superior to America’s curriculum, if we can call it that. One of the finest examples Orenestein cites is Sweden. How do most American kids learn about sex? Orenstein tells us the source of their education is porn.

What are American parents teaching their children about sex? What about violence against women?

I think we all know that Brock’s father argued his son’s life should not be ruined for “20 minutes of action.” Instead of teaching girls how not to get raped, when are parents going to teach their sons not to rape? How are parents going to teach kids to respect girls and women? What are you doing today to teach your kids about gender equality?

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8 thoughts on “Judge Persky isn’t the problem, you are.

  1. I called! (very garbled message). So I sent an email:

    I just tried to call, but couldn’t make out the message.

    I wanted to ask you about ordering lots of those lovely vest tops you have.

    You see, my daughter and friends (they are lovely young women, full of positivity and a zest for life, often kind, sometimes selfish, – just at that point in life when they are discovering themselves and who they are and who they want to be – and who they like and what it feels like to experience lust or love… you know. Just being alive!)

    Anyway, I thought a big batch of those life affirming vest tops should do the trick, to make them feel self confident.

    The ones that.. what was it? Oh yes: the one that says if she and her friends get drunk, they can expect to be abused – with absolute relish and believing it is their right – by any man.

    Yep, I am considering about 20 of those. That should put an end to their going out and meeting people and having a good time.

    Of course, this is sarcasm.
    And I really hope, I truly am hanging onto the hope, that you personally don’t really think those lovely young women should never get drunk. What sort of a society do you really want? Can you even imagine a tshirt that said something different the other way around – or should my friends and I start picking up drunk men, helping them to our flats and sticking things in their orifices? Because that is your logic.

    Best wishes from England.

    I am sure you are not the only one peddling horrible items like this. I feel sorry for you… in a way. But then, you made your choice . Men and women are definitely different, in general terms – but not that different. Both like sex, with consent, both may have a drink, both may get drunk. Both can tell when someone isn’t able to make a clear decision. Isn’t that OK?

  2. I mean, Judge Pesky is still the problem. Yes, America’s sex education system is terrible and refuses to teach consent and contributes to rape, but you’re basically absolving him of responsibility because “judges will be judges.”

    • Hi Amanda,
      The judge is a symptom of the disease. But yes, let’s get rid of the symptoms, just keep in mind that’s not getting the disease.

      • I don’t really think that you can educate rapists not to rape. Rapists know exactly the harm they do, they are not mistaken about this. When they say they don’t feel like rapists, what they mean is that they don’t think other men disapprove of their actions. Not that they don’t know they harmed a woman.

        So, the judge is the problem. Because if he, if all judges, sentenced rapists to life in prison, then there would be less rape. The rapists would still be rapists in their hearts, but they wouldn’t dare commit the crime.

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