Lucky Charms, they’re magically sexist!

Today, we had Lucky Charms for breakfast. Not the healthiest choice, I know, but that’s how it went down. My six year old daughter counted 8 different charms on the back of the box, each with a portrait and storyline. Out of those, just 2 are female. I’m not even talking about Lucky, the  leprechaun, I’m talking about the charms.


My daughter read the box to me:

Hourglass is a smarty pants scientist whose inventions don’t always turn out the way he planned. He’s bringing his toolbox to the party.

In the photo above, you can see Hourglass on the left with the hat, a lock of brown hair, and a mustache.

That one she’s pointing to is Shooting Star

a seriously silly dude. He’s bringing juggling balls to the party…even though he doesn’t know how to juggle.

Guess what one of two girls (or as I call them Minority Feisty) is named? Rainbow. She is…

“the most magical charm of all. She wants to add some sparkle to the party with a disco ball.”

Good to know  her interior decorating skills are strong. What’s a girl who doesn’t want to add sparkle to her shoes, her dress, her soccer ball? Is she a girl at all?

My husband jokes that cereal boxes are like morning newspapers for kids. My three daughters fight about who gets to put the box in front of their bowl. Those boxes are seriously valuable real estate in kidworld and yet, there is a not a single female mascot on a children’s cereal box. Not a single one. I’ve written about this blatant sexism on Reel Girl for years but it was only when Raj from the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” made the same observation, that the issue got some traction. Things are going to change now, I thought. Raj has taken this issue on.

I was wrong. That episode aired three years ago. More stories keep coming and almost all of them are about males.

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5 thoughts on “Lucky Charms, they’re magically sexist!

  1. Ridiculous. Artists, business people, EVERYONE, has the right to depict their ideas in any way they want, as any gender they want. It’s called the first amendment, yo. So instead of whining about an artist depicting males (God forbid!), why don’t you go create something that matches your ideals instead of trying to force them on other people. Build instead of tearing down. It does a lot more good for the world. Also, people like you just prove that feminism is not a moral code, but rather the art of looking for things to be angry and miserable about. Have fun with that.

  2. This is honestly stupid. It’s just cereal it didn’t hurt nobody. Lucky charms are just trying to have a good day and you’re ruining it for them. They’re all sad charms now smfh, you made them cry their sugar tears. Now they’re gonna kill themselves because of you. Hope you’re happy

  3. This is actually ridiculous. I think saying this cereal is sexist is a huge stretch. This cereal has been around for a very long time, and just recently has the idea of giving the charms characterization been added. Honestly though, why is this such a big deal? Are you going to ban your children from eating it just because of the fact that a charm’s characteristics is liking to decorate????? Has the thought ever occurred to you that this charm might enjoy partying and making things sparkle because ITS A RAINBOW. Why are you even making an article about a cereal character in the first place when you could instead be spending your time looking for a better cereal brand if it matters to you so much. Listen, I have nothing against feminism, I support it and I believe that sexism is wrong and unfair (and just to mention I am a female if that makes you feel better) But this, this needs to stop, this is reaching too far.

  4. We have only recently discovered “Dora the Explorer” cereal, which features Dora on the box (plus, we all like it!). Yay! I love Dora’s character. She does share the box with Boots, her monkey companion, but it’s definitely called “Dora” cereal, and she is the biggest character on it. I can’t find this cereal in a lot of stores, but our local big box grocery store has it. We’re fans!

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