Girls make ‘Supergirl’ fan video after watching new TV show

My 3 daughters love ‘Supergirl’ so much they made a video about the hero after watching the new show on CBS. I’ll give you my thoughts soon, but will tell you I’m also a big fan. Last night’s episode had no less than 5 major female characters including a villain, a hero, a CEO, a mom, and a sister. I’m so impressed Supergirl is no Minority Feisty!Here’s the video my kids made.

One thought on “Girls make ‘Supergirl’ fan video after watching new TV show

  1. Hello Ms. Reel! I’m a male who supports gender equality, and I have a question for you. Have you watched Steven Universe? It’s a LGBT-friendly animated series, with great characters and great morals. Another animated series with good morals is Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. I suggest you watch them, and critique them sometime on this blog.

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