Join best-selling author Michael Lewis on Reel Girl’s #MalesInPink

Here he is: macho, best-selling, sports and business writer Michael Lewis on the jacket of his new book wearing…pink!


Lewis has inspired me to actually do what I’ve been meaning to for a while: create a collection of images of #MalesInPink.

Did you know thneeds of Lorax fame are pink?


I can’t find an image of a character in a classic thneed, but here’s the Lorax in a pink, thneed hat, which is almost as good.


So what’ve you got? Please attach images or references in the comment section here (baby pics welcome) or on Reel Girl’s Facebook page or Tweet @margotmagowan. Use #MalesInPink with your posts so I can keep track.

Help give a pink a new image. Colors are for everyone!



Update: More #MalesInPink

Cosmic Boy (thank you Abnoba)



Little Mac from Nintendo’s Punchout (thank you wearmorethan)


Rugby refs wear pink (thank you nigelthedragon)


Galactus (thank you Abnoba)


Brainiac and the actor who played him on Smallville (thank you Abnoba)


9 thoughts on “Join best-selling author Michael Lewis on Reel Girl’s #MalesInPink

  1. sorry just thought of a few more
    Royal Tenenbaum from The royal Tenenbaums
    and Steve Carrell’s character Uncle Frank in Little Miss Sunshine wears a light pink shirt
    and Brian Fantana throughout the first and second Anchorman Movies wears Pink
    (i couldn’t find a better image that was just him sorry)
    and Ianto Jones in Torchwood frequently wears pink
    and last one Vince Noir from the mighty boosh wears pink sometimes as well

  2. The Riddler had pink hair in Batman Forever
    in the same film (Batman Forver) Two Face wore half a pink suit (it makes sense in the context of the film if you haven’t seen )

  3. Galactus, one of the most powerful beings of the Marvel Universe wears something between pink and purple. The shade depends on the comic. Modern comics go more for the purple but in earliest cómics he had lots of pink.
    Brainiac, one of the most important villains of the DC Universe has usually something pink
    And the actor who portrayed him in Smallville wore sometimes pink

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