‘Children learn most from what they see going on around them’

You’ve got to read the entire, excellent post about John Abbott, the director of the 21st Learning Initiative. Abbot basically is saying that we’ve got to turn education on its head. Right now, schools are training kids to be dependent on authority figures.

Research has confirmed what most parents of young children can already see for themselves — that children are born to learn, rather than to be taught, as Abbott puts it. Driven by an inborn desire to make sense of the world and find purpose in life, they naturally observe, deconstruct, piece together and create their own knowledge. They learn best when this intrinsic motivation is harnessed in what he calls “highly challenging but low-threat environments.”…

Children learn most from what they see going on around them,” he explains. “We become who we are based on things around us that we admire or not. Children don’t just turn their brains on when they go to school.”


Ok, now, really, back to writing…

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