Reel Girl’s Movie Picks: ‘Fly Away Home’

Finally, my kids got to see a movie with a girl pilot. “Fly Away Home” is not a new movie, it’s just the first one they’ve ever seen with a girl pilot on her own flying machine.


I grew up with this famous image of “E.T” imprinted in my brain.


“E.T.” is great movie, but once again, no flying girls. I am thrilled, at the age of 45, to have finally found an alternative for my daughters. Of course, I wish it was more obvious from the poster that a 13 year old girl is the pilot, but at least, my kids and I know the story behind the image on the movie poster.

Amy, played by Anna Paquin, is 13 yr old whose mother was killed in a car accident (while talking on her cell phone!) Amy goes to live with her artist/ inventor father and his girlfriend. Alienated and alone, while wandering the grounds, Amy discovers wild geese eggs. The goose mother was killed by developers who are bulldozing the land. Amy makes the eggs a nest in a drawer, the eggs hatch, and the chicks, thinking Amy is their mother and follow her everywhere. In order teach the geese how to migrate, Amy pilots her father’s flying machine, and leads them south. She ends up not only saving the geese but the wilderness as well. “Fly Away Home” is an excellent film, and I am adding it to my list for young kids, though kids of all ages will love it.

Reel Girl rates ‘Fly Away Home’ ***HHH***

7 thoughts on “Reel Girl’s Movie Picks: ‘Fly Away Home’

  1. I’ve watched this movie many times when I was younger. It was one of the few video tapes we had at home and I absolutely loved it. The titel in German is actually “Amy und die Wildgänse” (Amy and the wild geese).

  2. I’m glad you’ve gotten to see this incredible movie!

    Something I love about it is the way her father supports her. He gives up something he loves (the replica of the moon lander that he built himself) to buy her her own ultralite, she doesn’t fly his. And she’s given the opportunity to grow into her heroism throughout. In the end, when he can’t continue to fly with her in his small plane because of a mishap, she continues alone in hers to the destination. So awesome.

    • Hi Kenzie,

      YES! And I was really happy there was that part where she had to do it alone. Every hero (person) goes through that, realizing it is only YOU who can do this, and rarely do we get to see females experience being “the one.”


  3. I’ve seen it and its one of the best movies ever made for little girls.This is actually based on a true story – experiments on migrating birds.

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