Best Tweet of the night from Ronan Farrow


Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?

I’m disgusted Woody Allen was honored at the Golden Globes tonight. I’m happy that Mia Farrow’s son/ Dylan’s brother spoke out in protest.

I wish the world cared more about the sexual abuse of children.

If you haven’t seen the recent Vanity Fair piece where the grown up Dylan Farrow speaks about Allen’s abuse, you can read it here and more about it here.

After that article came out, all most people talked about was the great revelation that Ronan might actually be Frank Sinatra’s son.

Here are my Tweets and ReTweets tonight about Woody Allen:


Sickened by Woody Allen tribute. Wish Dylan Farrow got to speak about how he molested her in the attic.

Cate Blanchett wins best actres for a Woody Allen movie. Love her, not him.


Like the industries of music & sports Hollywood has amnesia when it comes to crimes against women & children.

4 thoughts on “Best Tweet of the night from Ronan Farrow

  1. Oh dear, I read the comments on the Vanity Fair article. Now I’m disturbed by the people who rush to defend Woody Allen. How can people be like this?
    And they seem to think despising Woody Allen must be about supporting Mia Farrow. Ridiculous. I barely knew who Mia Farrow was before reading the article but if someone marries their stepdaughter and is accused of raping their daughter, I’m not going to jump in to defend them.
    And as for evidence and objectivity, I’m not a lawyer, I don’t have to convict anyone – I’m just going to believe the victims.

  2. Ugh… His relationship with his adopted daughter always grossed me out but I didn’t know he’d molested his own daughters. Can we please stop excusing “geniuses” for these heinous crimes, please? Thanks for posting this, Margot.

  3. Yeah, this. And also the lack of diversity in his films. It was glaring in that montage when Diane Keaton was trying to make that point about nothing uniting the women in Woody Allen’s films because they were so complex and couldn’t be compartmentalized.

    Margot, do you think you’ll do a post on Tina and Amy as hosts this year? I thought they had their moments but it was overall rather weak.

    • Hi Cat,

      I don’t know if I’ll post on Tina and Amy. I thought they were good. I liked the George Clooney joke a lot and I am just so happy to see two women who are friends helm this show. Very cool. That said, I don’t feel inspired enough to write or quote, so I guess that says something. Honestly, I am SO DISGUSTED by the Woody Allen thing, its all I can think about as far as last night.

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