Looking for perfect activity on a rainy day? Bella’s Mystery Deck

When our family plays games, there are fights and tears. I’ve blogged about Scrabble, Clue, card games, and there are moments of fun, but mostly, it’s miserable.

There is an activity that all three kids (ages 4 – 10) my husband, and I love, where everyone works together towards a goal: Bella’s Mystery Deck. We had 3 soccer games scheduled for 3 kids today, but due to bad weather and a scheduling mistake, 0 happened. Bella saved the day.



Bella is a 13 year old Mexican-American girl who lives in Tucson with her family and black lab, Noche. The game consists of 52 cards, each with a story that describes a mystery to solve.  Besides Bella, the stories are full of colorful characters in Bella’s community. To check your answer, or find it out if you’re stumped, the package comes with a mirror to decipher the backwards writing at the bottom of each card. My kids love that part.

Bella is a female protagonist who is smart, brave, and kind. This game rocks.

3 thoughts on “Looking for perfect activity on a rainy day? Bella’s Mystery Deck

  1. Since your daughters love stories so much, have you thought about tabletop roleplaying games? A Game Master “directs” a story and every player interpret a character(the “heroes” of the story, that have to cooperate if they want to to be successful). Every character has certain skills and certain defects that help them or hinder them, and dices or cards are used when there is something challenging in the story (a fight, deciphering a code, using a spell) to see if they can or not solve it. I love Castle Falkenstein, where you play in a world similar to XIX century Earth, but there are fairies, magic and the characters of classic adventure books (like Sherlock or Tarzan) are real.
    but there are others where the players can design and play with their own superhero, or even games where the players play as warrior mice
    I have heard good things too about a card game called Once upon a Time, but I never played myself
    Have you some post with all your recommended books? I’m triyng to find some easy and fun books for a 8 years old

  2. Margot,

    What do you think of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    I think part of the reason this movie had such a huge impact on me, growing up, was that the man had such an important and central and strong part to play, AND so did the woman. To this day, I see it as a model of balance between male & female empowerment.

    I can’t help wondering about whether or not you agree.

    • Hi Morgan,

      I should see it again. I remember LOVING it as a kid, but it was Harrison I loved. I do remember a dark haired woman who was tough and a big drinker?


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