Fox News covers Reel Girl’s letter to Stride Rite on its sexism

I’ll post the video from my appearance on “Fox and Friends” when I figure out how, but here are a couple pics I snapped from my TV. (Obviously, I’m slightly tech-challenged.) Whatever you want to say about Fox, they covered this story. I’m happy to get the news out into the world about Stride Rite’s sexism and how gender stereotypes hurt kids. If you haven’t seen my letter to Stride Rite, you can read it here. 

“Gender stereotyping leads to bullying. It limits all kids and that’s the problem with it.”






9 thoughts on “Fox News covers Reel Girl’s letter to Stride Rite on its sexism

  1. Really? You feel that this is something that needs to be on the news? You have nothing better to do with your time than whine about boys and girls shoes? My daughter went right to the princess shoes at Stride Rite because SHE’S A GIRL!!! If she went to the Power Rangers shoes and wanted them then we would have gotten them. I’m all for equal rights but this is frickin absurd. Anything to get your face on tv making yourself sound ridiculous. Worry about something that actually matter like the economy or unemployment or something not a child’s shoe.

    • Remember, it’s only sexism if the girls and boys choose the stereotypical stuff that boys and girls like. However, if they go contrary to what most boys and girls like than it is not sexism, it’s them deciding what they like. Funny, my son decides what he likes and so will my 2 month old daughter. I only introduce them to things, they decide if they like it or not. This woman is an obvious idiot who doesn’t believe or abide by what she says. Her haircut is a woman’s style haircut. Her clothes are for a woman. Her lipstick, makeup, rouge, eyebrow tweazing, etc is all geared towards women. Nothing worse than an ignorant hypocrite. Just another foolish liberal who doesn’t know how to.solve problems so she creates a problem where tgere is none.

  2. Seriously? What are you pushing for? A bunch of androgynous zombies ashamed of being just a “girl” or just a “boy?” Try getting a “reel” job or focusing on “reel” issues….you don’t like the products? You bare free to shop where you choose…it’s called “Free Market Capitalism.” Get a grip.

  3. That’s the great thing about a FREE market economy. Businesses can create and sell their products however they please. Don’t like it? Shop elsewhere. You’re free to do that. Nobody is forcing you. 🙂

  4. I think social engineering is dangerous and confuses kids. Girls should be proud to be girls and boys proud to be boys. Kids who are on either side of social norms should be embraced too. Throwing rare transgender conditions around in the general population may confuse typical kids. Girls have been tomboys and boys have played house forever and turned out just fine without the media and special interest blurring the gender lines for all.

  5. Great letter, Margot! I completely agree. These strict (and manufactured) gender stereotypes that companies are bombarding kids with at ever younger ages are incredibly limiting and harmful. I’m so glad you’re speaking out and getting the message heard. That “wish” aspect of those princess shoes is especially awful – as if sneakers aren’t for being active and moving.

  6. Hey, that’s great. Congratulations. And I agree with you about the female-superheroes thing…although I may disagree about the cause of the problem.

    Let me know if you want help with the video embed.

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