After public outcry, Disney removes sexist ‘I need a hero’ shirts

YAY! Victory dance! Here’s Disney’s statement:

Disney Store recently  received some guest feedback regarding the tagline of a Marvel Avengers adult women’s t-shirt that stated “I Need a Hero”.  While the t-shirt was designed  to be a witty, playful interpretation of the Super Hero theme, there were some that did not see the humor and felt it could send the wrong message. We decided to remove the t-shirt from and, however, we do offer other Marvel t-shirts including ones with the tagline “Girl Power!” which are currently sold out but will again be available this summer.

Thank you, Disney for doing the right thing.

Reel girl readers, thank you for all of your help in getting this story out. Without your action, things like this don’t happen. I’m happy to report that Reel Girl’s post on Disney’s sexist T was linked around the internet including to sites like Miss Representation, the Huffington Post, and Reel Girl’s post on the T was shared almost 1,000 times.

Now, Disney, about those movies…


6 thoughts on “After public outcry, Disney removes sexist ‘I need a hero’ shirts

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      YES! that would show they had learned something, if Disney had written, “We will now market ‘Be a hero’ shirts to both genders.”


    • And I’m trying to savor the victory here, but the day we have shirts that read ‘boy power!’ we’ll have equality. ‘Girl power’ (like ‘feisty’) is a term for those who don’t have any.

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