Can you get more offensive than this sexist Aston Martin ad?

Words desert me. Ass-ton Martin? Crass-ton Martin?


Update: Word is this ad is a fake. And if it is, I’ve got to wonder, why do we believe it’s real? This 4 breasted woman, real or fake?


Answer: real ad for PlayStation

Update: I removed the photo after receiving this email from Marketing Playboy:

Dear Margot,


I was informed that your website contains copyright infringing material, consisting of (a part of) the fotoshoot with Rosanne Jongenelen.


This content is owned by Playboy. I therefore kindly request you to remove this material / these pictures from your website TODAY. Please send me a confirmation that you will comply with this request. If the material has not been removed by tomorrow, I have to take other actions and will send you a cease and desist letter.


Kind Regards,


Marketing Playboy Netherlands

14 thoughts on “Can you get more offensive than this sexist Aston Martin ad?

  1. I think you all just need to get over yourself. I’ve seen many a real advert depicting men as wimps, sexual objects or just plain Stupid. We need get over these hang ups and move on.

  2. Wow! You got my attention. Brain activity has stopped, butt …………gotta have a…….what a creation……stunning……..breath….breath…..

    Women will never understand…….Too bad!!!

  3. It may be a fake. I think we politically correct people are being trolled. The image has been recycled from an old issue of Playboy.

  4. Margot, you’re overreacting. After all, it isn’t as if we are not CONSTANTLY bombarded with ads of faceless men in stilettos thrusting their gorgeous nekkid buttocks toward the camera with one knee propped high on a kitchen counter just to remind us of where dudes really belong. Because if we weren’t constantly bombarded by those ads of nekkid male buttocks, then this ad would be sexist and stoopid and kinda pathetic as such an obvious appeal to the rich homely dudes who need to pay for a automotive penis extender to get laid. It makes me sad to see that you’ve become so cynical.

    • Oh, so it’s a fake. Damn! This is making me doubt my investment in a jackalope ranch. Thank heavens the owner sent me photos proving that my money was replicating just like those dang bunnies!

    • Hi Marta,

      Truth is, I’m jealous. I wish I could advertise cars with my ass, it would be so gratifying!


  5. Wow. It took a moment for my brain to even make the connection. It’s like I didn’t want to believe it. First of all, I just feel bad for that model for having to pose like that. It looks painful. Secondly, I think this might be one of the worst examples of equating a woman with an object. And thirdly, I can’t even process what this is trying to say about sexuality and virginity. Seeing through the male gaze this was is profoundly disturbing. Figures it would come from the company synonymous with James Bond.

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