SI swimsuit issue has new pic for M & Ms Hall of Shame

Here she is, sexy Ms. Green, as seen on the back cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2013 swimsuit issue.


Jezebel describes the image:

It’s a lot like the front cover, which features Kate Upton standing in freezing Antartica in nothing but undies and an unzipped winter coat (fun fact: this almost killed her), only instead of a busty lady, the ad features a sexy M&M peeling off her shell.

Here’s Ms. Green on last year’s back cover of SI:


Here’s another image promoted with SI:


Here’s the winner of the M & Ms Hall of Shame, the S & M M & M “working the polls.”


Here’s Ms. Green getting stalked, ha ha ha.



Here’s Ms. Green at Party City where my daughter and I went shopping for her birthday party.


Ms. Green is one of two female M & Ms alongside 4 male M & Ms. The male M & Ms wear sneakers and act goofy. The females M & Ms wear heels and act sexy.


This male-female ratio is the same old Minority Feisty pattern we see all over kids media but the sexualization of Ms. Green is extreme, even for the run-of-the mill sexism in kid world.

Please go to M&Ms Facebook page and ask them to stop sexualizing female M & Ms. Ms. Green is everywhere. Our kids deserve more than to see females depicted in this stereotyped and degrading way.

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