If your kid says she’s bored, quote Louis C.K.

I’ve blogged before about how I think comedian Louis C.K.’s show is one of the best depictions of fatherhood in the media EVER.


On Facebook, I saw a great quote that I recognized immediately from one of my favorite episodes. This morning, when my daughter complained that she was bored, I tried it on her.


She burst into a huge smile.

Thank you, Louis C. K., for getting insight to my daughter, making her happy, and rescuing our family from a cranky morning.



2 thoughts on “If your kid says she’s bored, quote Louis C.K.

  1. I hand my kids a garbage bag and tell them to pack their toys up and we will donate them since they obviously don’t need them anymore. I haven’t heard the term “I’m bored” in quite a while.

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