3 thoughts on “More fiction by Kim Magowan!

  1. I will definitely order that issue.

    This post made me realize that you probably didn’t take your husband’s last name when you got married. I think that is refreshing. (I didn’t either.) I wondered what you decided with your children’s names and if that is something you would feel comfortable blogging about. If not, I understand. (I know alltoo well what a charged issues this is.) Thanks for keeping us informed about the world!

    • Hi morecompassion,

      I did not take my husband’s name. That was never a consideration for me. We hyphenated our kids names. I have NO idea what they’re going to do with their kids.


      • Thank you for replying. I think that’s all so great! 🙂 And thank you for being one of the most interesting blogs that I read. I find it so enjoyable and always forward your posts to my friends and family! Keep up the good work.

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