Hawkgirl’s rack

A couple days ago, I posted about how excited I was to buy some female action figures. Some of the new toys have arrived, including one of my all time favorites EVER, Serafina Pekkala from The Golden Compass. I love her.

I can’t wait until Christmas and my kids get Serafina together with Merida and Katniss, there will be an army of archers.

But, I’m kind of bummed about Hawkgirl.

Is it me or are her breasts seriously distracting?

Her head is cool, her wings are cool, but I don’t know if I can get past that bright yellow cleavage.  The whole point of buying these toys is to give kids an alternative so why the torpedo breasts? I get that my kids were not foremost in the toy designer or comic book artist’s mind, but I wish they were. They should be, right? I have 3 girls, but I don’t think I’d be psyched to give this toy to my son either.

But tell me what you think. And what you think a kid would think. Just don’t compare big breasts to big muscles. If you feel tempted, read this post.

Update: So I showed Hawkgirl to my husband: “What do you think of her?” He said: “First she blinds them with her boobs, then she attacks!”

Basically, he thinks she’s fine as long as she’s one of many, diversity is key. He reminded me of a castle the girls had filled with all kinds of magical creatures. Barbie was there, but she was just one of so many different figures. I think I agree. So at this point, it looks like Hawgirl will make it under the tree. I’ll update you on the post-Xmas reaction.

3 thoughts on “Hawkgirl’s rack

  1. Daughter thinks the boobs are definitely big, but doesn’t seem to be much bothered by it. She’s a little old for action-figure dolls, though. Did Hawkgirl have big boobs in the movies? We don’t seem to recall them being this big. Try watching some of the Justice League movies with Hawkgirl in them; makes her more real and then the child’s experience of her isn’t based on just a plastic doll with big knockers.

  2. I agree that if she’s one of a variety of toys, a child wouldn’t pay that much attention, after all, even IRL breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but… yeah, she definitely had a boob job done

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