Fergie’s truly nauseating Halloween costume

Last night, like almost every Thursday night due to my tabloid addiction, I crawled in bed to relax with my new issue of Us Weekly. In a photo spread titled “Klum’s Favorite Halloween Costumes,” featuring pics from Heidi Klum’s annual party, I saw this picture of Fergie’s Halloween costume. I, literally, felt nauseated.

If you care at all about the sexualization of  little girls, why would a grown woman dress up as a little girl dressed up as a woman (assuming little girls with their make-up and curled hair aspire to imitate older beauty queens and not Martians.) Talk about blurring boundaries between sexualizing little girls and adults.  I just blogged about the conundrum of Batgirl, and I can barley get my mind around this costume. The bobby socks and the teddy bear? Ugh.

But here’s what Heidi Klum has to say about it: “Accessories can put a costume over the top! Fergie couldn’t have looked any better as a pageant girl.”

Right now, all I can say is GROSS. Bad move, Fergie, Heidi Klum, and Us Weekly.

5 thoughts on “Fergie’s truly nauseating Halloween costume

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  2. Hi Nicola,

    I don’t get that impression, at all. If that were her message, she could show it with smeared make up or a too large dress or wearing a sash that reads “Girl pretending to be a woman,” or something, anything. I think its all about Klum’s statement: “Fergie couldn’t have looked any better as a pageant girl.”


  3. Perhaps she’s criticising the whole “Toddlers & Tiaras” thing by showing how they treat children as adults. Maybe? That’s probably too much to ask for, though.

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