Hyper-gender roles marketed to kids in animated movies

Looking at my last two posts, the representation of masculinity and femininity marketed to kids is radical. I wish these images were unusual. Kids brains are being wired up. Are these kinds of repetitive images the ones we want to be molding their minds?

3 thoughts on “Hyper-gender roles marketed to kids in animated movies

  1. It’s scary how much the fairies look like they’re in some lesbian porn flick… with their faces, and the way they look at eachother and the symbolism of the wings rubbing… shit…

  2. The proportions of most cartoons are relatively exaggerated in one way or another. I actually think these two examples are less sexualized than a lot of others.

  3. Regardless of your political party and belifes I think most women would find this disgusting.

    While Islamic countries try to make women seem non existant America try to make women only valued for beauty.

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