Can you answer these 3 questions about Disney on Ice?

My 3 year old daughter and I were driving to school this morning when a giant ad for Disney on Ice plastered to the side of a bus passed right by her window.

When I see an image like this, I wonder why I ever hear parents shrug about their daughter’s princess obsession, saying something like, “Girls will be girls.”

I have three questions for you:

(1) How many characters are there on this poster?

(2) How many of those characters are female?

(3) How many of those females are princesses?

11 thoughts on “Can you answer these 3 questions about Disney on Ice?

  1. I guess it’s 22 if you count the little Mickey between “on” and “ice.” But the point is, there are way more male characters than females and there is much more variety in the male characters. Thank you for asking these questions and pointing out the disparity. It’s a good set of questions to discuss with your kids if you come across this ad together.

  2. …and alas, no Jessie from Toy Story, no Elastigirl or Violet from the Incredibles, no Nala from Lion King. No Pochanotas, Mulan or Tiana ( the 3 most independent and ethnically diverse princesses).

    • That was what I was thinking as I read the post. I don’t fault Disney for relying on their brands. The Disney princesses are very popular. But these other properties have female characters that are just not represented. I guess Elastigirl’s and Violet’s powers are more difficult to represent in an ice show. But really, there’s no reason to not have Lilo. It’s called Lilo and Stitch.

  3. I count:
    1) 21 (Mickey isn’t twice, it’s Mickey and Minnie)
    2) 6
    3) 4

    This is just one reason why I don’t mind that my daughter has never been obsessed with Disney.

      • But yes that isn’t really the point. it is that there are many many more male character vs. female characters. And like many others said of those that are female and non princess, they are animals. Great role model…sigh.

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