Sometimes an asparagus is just an asparagus

And other times, it’s a penis.

I meant to post about this August cover of Newsweek cover a while ago. A new post on Miss Representation on women women suing Newsweek (not for this) reminded me.

How does it feel to be a female journalist at a place where, on August 8, you saw this image everywhere you turned? I mean, seriously, a newsweekly? The newsweekly, I guess, they are trying to tell us by the name of this rag. Obviously a name change is in order. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Sometimes an asparagus is just an asparagus

  1. Margot. My daughter goes to a private school that has a seventies mentality about women (girls should be teachers and proper and boys should explore.) my daughter is a popular girl who likes boys and makeup, so her teachers wonder why she stands up to the unfairness in the school.

    I am not a feminist (I think there is a line where women are women and men are men), but I do not believer in pushing girls to be teachers and nurses (society forced me to be a teacher).

    Anyways… Any tips?

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