Muscles, muscles, ass, muscles and why poses matter

“Look at the girl, she’s sticking her butt out!” said my daughter. She showed me this photo in a costumes catalog we just received in the mail.

(Sorry about the flash glare.) Technically, its her hip, but the point is the same: emphasis, pelvis.

Imagine the males standing like that. What do these poses communicate?

I’ve blogged quite a bit about sexism in superheroes and ass emphasis. This post on the Avengers has gotten about 700 shares. Check out the great art if you haven’t seen it yet. Why do poses for superheroes matter? Because heroes are heroes!

What are our kids being taught to idolize in females? Weird twitches?

And of course, sexist posing isn’t limited to the fantasy world. Look at this photo in this month’s Vanity Fair, a profile of MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (via Miss Representation/ Salon.)

Did you read that part about hosts on a news channel? Imagine these poses reversed. She’s up front. He’s in back, showing leg. What would your kids think about men and women if they saw this photo?

Salon writes:

the image tells the familiar story of a man who commands the attention of others and a woman who seeks only the attention of that man.

You’d think Catwoman would want to seek something more.

3 thoughts on “Muscles, muscles, ass, muscles and why poses matter

  1. I’ve noticed it is very difficult to find a normal female costume. They’re always sexualized versions of whatever they are supposed to represent. Like “sexy” Strawberry Shortcake or “sexy” Freddy Kruger.

  2. I think perhaps even more disturbing is the title: “Secret Wishes Catwoman.” Like, you’re meant to dress up as that for one of Stewie Griffin’s sexy parties…

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