The good, the bad, and the ugly: Catwoman’s ass vs Merida

I’ve had an amazing three weeks writing my Middle Grade book. The break from blogging has been productive but painful. I love to blog! What did I miss?

Lots! I could blog for hours, but because I’m still in Fairyland mode (and need to stay there) I’m going to cut it down to a low point and a high point:

Have you seen DC Comic’s new Catwoman cover? (Via GeekMom)

How can Catwoman fight anyone with her ass in the air like that?

This Catwoman cover is reminiscent of artist Kevin Bolk’s spoof on “The Avengers” if the males posed like the female. Notice the plural and singular nouns there. I posted Bolk’s art on my blog a few weeks ago. Here’s the picture again:

The good news is my post of Bolk’s art got about 400 shares. Maybe the sexism is becoming more obvious to people? Though how could it not?

What fascinates me about the ass-female-superhero-obsession is that that unlike breasts, every human has an ass. Therefore the argument– ridiculous anyway– that men’s and women’s bodies are different and that’s the only reason why women get so sexualized– doesn’t hold here.

It’s pathetically ironic too that these heroes are supposed to be fighting for justice. I guess, as with so many advocates for freedom– including Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and JFK– gender equality isn’t high on the list.

On a positive note, I LOVE seeing the pictures of Merida all over San Francisco! I have bought several “Brave” books already, and to those of you who think kids aren’t influenced by media imagery, I found my eight year old making a series of drawings. Here’s one of my favorites:

Remember, art creates reality and reality creates art in an endless loop. Phases aren’t outgrown, they mutate. So, please take your kids to this movie starring a powerful female. Take your sons and daughters! See it twice. I hope this film makes money. I’ll be out of the country when it comes out but it’s first on my to do list when I get back.

One more blog coming on Erica Jong’s book Sugar in My Bowl.

Hope you are having a great summer and please keep using my FB page to post and comment.


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly: Catwoman’s ass vs Merida

  1. I’m happy with the cover, the women in the comics are obviously powerful. Catwoman can also use her curves as a weapon. I’m a girl and I see no problem with it. I can stick my butt out and do the same pose no problem. Its just squats and god given boobs. Maybe she got a boob job, but even if I would be happy looking like that.

  2. I seriously want to marry DC but I have to ask: have their artists even SEEN a woman in their lifetime? I’m trying to get my head around that pose. WTF? What is she supposed to be doing in that picture? Catwoman needs to see a doctor! And it looks like she farted in her catsuit if you know what I mean :
    DC has always needed some serious help with female characters from the beginning. But this just proves they’re getting worse!

  3. The catwoman’s cover is without a doubt one of the ugliest things I’ve seen. She’s all ass and boobs! It’s deformed and gross, forget about fighting, how is she supposed to walk without a spine? How is the poor girl supposed to use the bathroom when she is obviously ripping her genitals in this position?

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