One thought on “New Yorker gay marriage cover

  1. Totally agree — it’s beautiful! Thank you for re-posting this expression of support for LGBT inclusion in your blog. I think it’s very important to realize that the issues of sexism/misogyny and homophobia are deeply interrelated. The same societal forces that want girls to be “pink” and boys to be “blue” are the ones that oppress LGBT persons for their gender non-conformity as individuals and as couples. One of the political right’s main reasons for opposing gay marriage goes like this: “If children see same sex couples or are raised by same-sex parents, they won’t know what girls are supposed to be and what boys are supposed to be.” It’s rooted in the same pervasive idea that girls are “supposed” to be a certain way and boys are “supposed” to be another way.

    Thanks again, and happy mother’s day!

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