One thought on “Beyonce may be People’s first black “most beautiful” in 9 yrs, but why is she blonde?

  1. If you knew what I knew..then you’d know it is all about business. Beypornce is attractive and always well groomed and innovative. Despite her lazy left eye and slight bowlegs and gums that show when she smiles, which she controls.

    Her parents have WISELY re-invested millions in her appearance. Matthew Knowles a smart, smart man by Hollywood standards, has entered smart contracts with People, Radio Stations and Oscars to grab the ultimate appearances and titles for his daughter.

    That’s all this is and ho hum. Take the wig off and her hair is crunchy like the average black person. She does not have her mom’s “good” hair. She is cute, has worked extremely hard to get all these “coveted” titles and good for her.

    There is no other black woman in show business who has had the good fortune of having parents who were themselves interested in show business, built a career around their child’s career, made money for her and themselves, and had a hell of a ball doing it.

    So maybe you ought to think about the other beautiful black actresses who made it with all kinds of odds against them.

    I personally would not want such accolades knowing that when I take all that make up off, and the fabulous hand sewn wigs , a person wouldn’t even glance let alone look twice at me-and knowing it’s all a farce, when there are actually naturally beautiful women.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are dark skinned nappy haired and below average as most of her admirers are then “do you “as you say, have fun living vicariously through her. Yes, there are some light skinned ones not many though who go ga ga over Beweaveonce.

    However, a truly beautiful woman is wholesome, healthy, clean and natural. We can all put on make up and enhance what we have as well nothing wrong with either.

    She is hardly someone to get jealous over. Now Halle? please keep her away from my beau! LOL

    BTW-Beypornce and Beweaveonce are trademarks from EUR Web just saying..

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