Attention girls! (and parents) Favorite movies featuring strong heroines?

New Moon Girls is a very cool magazine created by girls and for girls. These young writers and editors don’t sit around complaining about sexist media; they create their own.

Right now New Moon is conducting its first ever Girls Choice Best Movies for Girls Award.

New Moon is asking any and all girls to nominate movies that feature girls and women in empowering, fully human roles. So girls, please fill out this survey by May 1. Your recommendations will be featured in the July/August 2012 issue of the New Moon, on the website, and disseminated through Facebook and other outreach to parents and girl advocates.

This is a great opportunity for girls to come together to amplify their voices and opinions. It’s also a good way to focus on the positive images and role models that are out there. If you are a parent or teacher or know a girl who you think would like to fill out this survey, please share it with your networks.

Also, adults, there is another survey just for you as well. Please take a few minutes to list your own recommendations. New Moon’s survey for adults is here.

If you”d like to take a look at Reel Girl’s list of favorites, you can find that here. (Picture above is a hint.) Reel Girl also has a separate list of awesome female characters. I created this list because there are some great females who make appearances in male dominated movies i.e. Princess Leia (Star Wars) Kitty Softpaws (Puss in Boots) Colette (Ratatouille). That list is pretty long and I desperately wish these characters would get their own films.

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