Wonder Woman without pants leads to LEGO without pants

Hey, kids, meet Wonder Woman, one of the few female superheroes.
Which one of these LEGO minifigs is not like the other? Why do you think the most powerful and famous female superhero is shown in her underwear?
Read more about about sexism marketed to kids through LEGO sets here.
“If I don’t get pants, nobody gets pants” Wonder Woman by Theamat (Cynthia Sousa)

8 thoughts on “Wonder Woman without pants leads to LEGO without pants

  1. I think the fact that there is only a few female superheros.. it quite odd. Although i know more boys watch these movie than girls..

  2. Lol
    shes wearing that because that has ALWAYS been her costume, there not going to change it because some woman thinks it is sexist.

    • Hi Claran,

      Because “some” woman thinks its sexists? Actually, a lot of people think its sexist. Kids do without having a label when they ask: Why is Wonder Woman in her underwear?


  3. Did you get permission from the artist to re-blog her work? It’s a pretty big no-no in the deviantArt world to post someone’s work without their permission, even if you give credit.

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