New moms, it gets better!

I saw the link to Devon Cornmeal’s HuffPo post “It Will Get Better” on Lisa Belkin’s FB page. This is such a great post. Every new mom should read it. And moms of older kids should read it, too, just to feel grateful, because who really knew that breast-feeding would be 24/7? Or had any idea how great and essential sleep was before it all got taken away? Or, as Cornmeal writes, that your sheets would be literally soaked with sweat every night?

In her post, Cornmeal promises new moms that their babies will stop staring vacantly at the ceiling and actually smile at them one day.

Every night, years later, I still appreciate my sleep. I thought my gratitude for something so basic would pass, that I would start to take it for granted again. But it hasn’t. Not in the least. When I get in my bed, I feel so lucky. I just lie there for a minute and think “Wow:” Most likely I  will get to sleep through the whole night, peacefully, in quiet, relaxed and then I will wake up feeling rested. It’s so amazing. Thank you, God.

My youngest child just turned three and a mom at the birthday party asked me how I was taking it. I told her that I’m excited and happy. Having babies was wonderful in many, many ways, but even better is watching my kids grow, talking to them, and hearing what they think. I love that. So far, I’m not nostalgic about the very early years, or pregnancy or breast feeding at all.

I seriously cannot wait to be done with diapers.

4 thoughts on “New moms, it gets better!

  1. I feel exactly the same way. Can’t wait till diapers are over…I can’t imagine missing the first three years. No one tells you how hard they are going to be.

    • laura denise,

      do they forget? or do they think: what’s the point? Like telling horror labor storied to pregnant people, that isn’t cool. I feel like the main thing I needed to know is exactly what Cornmeal wrote in her post: THIS WILL PASS. Knowing that, makes it OK.


  2. I agree with you Margot! My girls are 18 months now and even though in fairness they have always been great sleepers I’m still grateful for my sleep every night. No nostalgia for the first year from me either….Maybe that’s what having twins does for you 😉

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