Ramona the Pest ***GGG***

We’ve been cycling through the the stomach flu at my house, so I’ve been spending a lot of time reading to bedridden kids. We’re all loving the Ramona series.

The writing is wonderful, the characters are complex and realistic, and the books are funny. Cleary does a great job going into the mind of Ramona: her jealousy over Beezus, her fears about school, her anxiety when her parents fight. Ramona has a great relationship with Howie, and it’s fascinating to read about their adventures together.

These books have no boring or slow parts. My five year old and my eight year old are riveted. Even my two year old is or pretends to be, begging for the Wamona book at bedtime.

If I have one tiny bone to pick: the way the narrator seems to pity Ramona because she has boring brown hair. This comes up several times in the series. I have two blonds and a brunette, and I skip that part when I read. Being a brunette myself, I remember being annoyed by the ubiquitous golden locks of heroines.

I highly recommend these books. Please remember to read them to your sons. Get excited about the book, and they will love it too. A great time to start the series is if you’re talking about kindergarten, because that’s what the first book is all about.

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5 thoughts on “Ramona the Pest ***GGG***

  1. Great recommendation!

    I wonder if the author’s take on brown hair is an expression of her own feelings growing up; more an expression of sympathy or solidarity? I looked up pictures of Beverly Clearly and it appears she also had brown hair as a young person.

    • Hi MJ,

      Yes, I think Cleary was trying to sympathetic about brown hair. But it wasn’t until I grew up that I realized how awesome my hair was. Why even let my kid go through thinking its boring? I don’t think she does. I have heard my older blonde refer to her “golden locks” though.

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