Wow, check out Lego’s Facebook page

Starting yesterday, PBG asked people who love the 1981 Lego pic to post it on Lego’s FB page and hundreds of people, men and women, are doing it (thousands??) The posts say how much they love Lego and how much they don’t like the new Friends toy.

Here are a few comments:

“LEGO, you make such a fantastic product … when it is marketed to CHILDREN, not to specific genders. CHILDREN like all colors. CHILDREN like to be creative. CHILDREN like to build (and destroy). Not boys, not girls … just KIDS.

You have such an opportunity, right at this moment in time, to be a CHAMPION for childhood … a childhood FREE from gender stereotyping, FREE from limitation … and FULL of IMAGINATION.

Please, please, PLEASE … be a CHAMPION for CHILDHOOD!”

Thank you!

“As a man, I’m in favor of adding breasts to just about anything. However, these new LEGOs are just plain insulting. How many female engineers, programmers and scientists do you think LEGO created? Please make more; not only are their contributions to those industries invaluable, they generally smell better than the rest of us. LEGO is the universal, multi-generational bond that brings all nerds together, keep it that way and leave the BRAT dolls out of my spaceship.”

Here’s another:

Dear LEGO, you can see how much we all love you and when you love someone, you let them know when you think they’re doing the wrong thing. We’re asking you now to do the right thing and:1. Bring back your beautiful campaign;
2. Include girls in your advertising for all LEGOs sets;
3. Include more girl characters in your regular LEGO sets;”
If you want to tell Lego how you feel, go to Lego’s FB page, click like, post the 1981 pic and give your comment.
Lego posted to me “Thank you for sharing” which is a step up from being deleted, I suppose.
Mama Feminista has a great post on why Legos are loved and why the 1981 ad is so awesome.

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