How do you explain to your 5 yr old why Monster High is inappropriate?

That question was asked of Melissa Wardy of Pigtail Pals on her FB page. Here’s her excellent reply:

What I said to my 5yo was that Monster High dolls were dressed in a way that I felt was inappropriate for children, that their faces looked mean not nice, and that their bodies sent our hearts unhealthy messages. We talked about different colors of hair and skin being really cool, but that these dolls made little girls focus too much on being pretty for other people and being too grown-up and that is not what kids need to do.

A few months down the road when she asked for more info, I told her that Monster High dolls have the kind of bodies that can make girls sick, because a real person could never have a body like that, and that I loved my little girl’s healthy body so much I would never want her to have something that would make her think her body wasn’t amazing.

And when she kept pushing about the clothing, I told her that girls who dress like that often don’t have full and happy hearts, and they use clothing like that to get attention and make themselves feel full. Then I took it a step further, and had her come upstairs to her dress up drawer, and picked out clothing I knew was way too small and tight for her. She put it on, and I told her to go play. Amelia said she couldn’t move because of her clothes. I then asked if she thought Monster High was silly, because how could those girls move and be teenagers who do fun things and play sports. She said she thought maybe they just stood around and looked pretty.

I told her she was absolutely right. And then we talked about other toys she had, how different they looked, and what kinds of things those dolls could do instead. I hope to grow the idea of full and happy hearts as Amelia (and Benny) age, to help her make good and healthy decisions about all kinds of things: healthy eating and exercise, drugs and alcohol, sex and relationships, good behavior in school, etc. If that is our baseline, I think the things that fall so far outside of that, whether it is Monster High or music lyrics or friends who are a bad influence, my kids will see it for what it is and be that much more equipped to make good choices for themselves.

I want to teach them to use their intuition and common sense when it comes to hard decisions. It is what I do when I tell myself there is no way in hell that dolls like Monster High or Bratz or hooker Barbies will end up in my home. I respect my children far too much to feed them a diet of garbage like that.

I love the idea of asking her daughter dress up in too small, uncomfortable clothing and asking her to try playing. Talk about showing not telling. Brilliant. Read Melissa’s blogposte here.

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  1. um why isn’t anyone realizing the fact that if she took her daughter anywhere in public she could see stuff worse then a monster high doll? I mean for example when I was five years old my mom was taking me to toys r us for a new monster high doll. Outside of the store was (what i assume) a prostitute doing some pretty inappropriate stuff to a man while the pimp was standing near. When the daughter gets older, she may see things like this. If she goes into a non uniformed school those other girls could dress wayyy worse then what those dolls look like. Hell when i was in middle school it was actually common to find people f**king in the bathroom. Now if she were to see this then what? even if its just the dressing she would be oblivious. And also when have you heard things about monster high dolls? What about barbie dolls? The fact that there’s a human barbie and ken is the problem. why are you not talking to her about that? And a person can dress however they want. If a girl wants a shape then let her have her shape. it doesn’t make them “empty” or effect their hearts in anyway. I mean if anything that kinda stuff happens in movies or songs rather in real life. Im not saying it doesn’t happen but still. but still to the mom: please dont be so judgmental and please be more mindful to what you say even if you mad sure it was respectful the tiniest things can set off the internet. all of this is outta respect…
    (and about the the entire Monster high community it seems to attract more older people rather then others because of some of the truth behind it. for example the movie “a new ghoul in school” stuff like this can happen to anyone or like Cleo’s family who pressured her to be who they want. this is real stuff that real people can relate to.)

  2. I think that they look like a prostitute, and if kids like to play with this dolls, it mind they like the image of them and advisory at some point of time they’ll just start mimic this characters!

  3. In your article, you state that you want the children to see things for what they are. If you wanted this, then you would research monster high, watch samples of their movies and make an effort to understand what you are critiquing. Furthermore, a doll is a doll. You should teach children that the doll is a doll and that he or she can not do the same things. A recent study has shown that- despite what anti-barbie people think- the majority of girls who play with barbie never even think about the shape of their bodies. I know this is true because my sisters and I grew up playing with barbie and ken and never once thought that we should look like this. But we are not everyone, so what you should do is ask her or him if they ever think of these things (barbie, gi joe, etc.). At the end of the day, it is best to remind your child every so often, that they are not supposed to look like these things. These fashion dolls -believe it or not- are not even supposed to resemble humans. The shape of their bodies is intended to work with the thickness of the fabric they wear. The way a child thinks is in color, not whether the clothes are actually appealing or not. Just research before you criticize and restrict something.

  4. Okay…I’m gonna say this once.
    I’m a 15 year old girl. I love monster high and I even use to have a whole collection of monster high dolls when I was like 11-13 at most(Until my dog chewed them up Q_Q). But I just find all this arguing and bickering hilarious. Both sides have good points. But here’s my opinion.

    What your child watches or plays with is all entirely up to you. The only exception to this rule is if they are at school, at a friends, or at a relatives(Or someone close the family). If you don’t like your child watching a show you think is inappropriate, then turn it off or switch the channel. Don’t like how the dolls are dressed, then don’t buy them. It’s purely up to you. I can see how some adults and parents think Monster High dolls seem to skimpy or have to much make-up but…
    THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! AS IN NOT REAL AND DON’T EXIST! THEY ALSO ARE BASED OFF MONSTERS! They are not humans like Brats or Barbie, they are based off mythical or fictional creatures.

    Plus I need to emphasis this
    Don’t bash a show or movie if you don’t like how the characters look, and tell your child, that those people who wear those kind of clothes, this: “I told her that girls who dress like that often don’t have full and happy hearts, and they use clothing like that to get attention and make themselves feel full.” That’s one a very bad thing to tell your child, your young and impressionable child. Your actions and words make a difference. Wait till your child is old enough to actually understand what your saying in full. Girls my age and even older or young dress in a way many think is skimpy or flashy. Do you go out and criticize those parents or children? No? Then shush. Telling your child that girls who wear high fashionable or showy or different clothing, like the characters in monster high, don’t have happy or full hearts is not a good message.
    I for one love the way the characters look, it makes me except myself and my own sense of style. I think you really need to think about the message of the show before the looks of a character. Monster high has excellent messages of how to be true to yourself, flaws and all. To love yourself and that people will except you for you.
    But this is my opinion. You can have your thoughts and ideals about what you want your child to watch or play with. Let your child be a child. Don’t try to make a point if a child will not understand the real meaning behind the point your making.

    Just think more about the messages of shows and movies then only on how characters look.

  5. Hi guys

    Today i was looking after my sweet 3 yr old niece. She has an ipad thingy she uses for car journeys etc. and I had noticed a new app on there which was MH. I had actually read before about franchises such as these and their diabolical agendas of hyper sexualizing children. Parents please be warned they very dangerous even if they never ever affect your child weshouldnt be buying into there pushing themes of death and sex as being cool. Icant type all details here but if anybody would like more info please write me at samhanmer@Aol.Com and i will be happy to share some research. Parents, the way these dolls dress is the least of your concern

  6. i think your just over thinking it. you gotta remember they are just dolls and they make them look un realistic for a reason. in my opinion i havent seen news reports saying girls died because of a simple doll that has never ever happened , you just got to let her live and learn you cant restrict it if she likes them , thats like your parents saying you can never ever have a tv even though you want one its just down right unfair.

  7. You hate monster high omg wth and why. My 5 year old has had them for years I think they are pretty and look awesome and the movies and showsites are great I watch them with her even bought her the large Frankie doll. Get over it and let your daughter be herself. Trust me it’s not taboo.

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  9. I think that it’s hard for a girl to relate self images to monster high dolls as they have such a difference of appearance … So I just want to say I actually like them more Because they are so different from the norm … Brats dolls are what to look out for …

  10. Monster High is for teens and people these days do dress sexy now. But if it was sexy why would the school let them. Bratz, and Monster High are for teens. I think they were made skinny because their suppose to be taller or something.

  11. Just tell your daughter, that she’s too young for monster high dolls and explain the difference between fiction and reality, and for * * stop complaining about the toy line. You are responsible for, which role model your kid will choose and how your kid will behave. NOT DOLLS! So far this line had a beautiful message, that there is nothing wrong with you, if you are a bit different than other people, and you should be proud of who you are, and how important it is to have friends and family around you.
    PS: Keep in mind, that these characters are supposed to be teens.

  12. I’m 11 I have over 15 monster high dolls my moms doesn’t care she doesn’t think there slutty I don’t ether, in my opinion your wrong

    • Good for you. I’m going to be 16 soon and my parents like that I love MH dolls like you do. ? Bratz has the worst makeup on dolls. I always feel like Bratz dolls have HUGE lips. The meaning behind monster high:It’s good to be yourself and unique but try not to be way too different or some people would think you’re strange. But it’s cool to be different.

  13. Because of people like you Monster a high is changing.
    Forcing your kid to wear skinny clothes? What the actual F?!
    I feel bad for your kid…

  14. again!you people are so rude!monster high is based on a school that where monsters can be whoever they want and they dont judge and they never get pregnant like BARBIE!.AND its not mattels fault theyre that skinny beacause its a kids choice if they want it or not so dont judge and copare people to toys beacause they are fictional! hat is the word fictional you dont understand?! dont compare them to monster high dolls or any kind of toys beacause it says on the packaging in the box of the monster high dolls says “be yourself,be unique,be a monster”but that doesnt mean to be a real monster it means that you should be yourself and dont judge other people dont copare humans to toys and just beacause they are skinny doesnt mean your fat the students at monster high are really really good and ever after high is also meaningfull beacause they send a message to young kids that just beacause your a legacy doesnt mean you need to follow your parents footsteps and at monster high frankie said that beacause it tradition doesnt mean its always good! so please stop posting hate blogs!

    • She’s not hating.
      Opinion: “I think that monster high sends a bad message to young girls because (yada yada yada)”
      Theres a difference.

    • *sigh and eyeroll*
      If you love Monster High, *gag* then why are you going on a “Why I don’t like Monster High” blog? WHY? Name one good reason why. Cause you wanna hate and cause trouble? Cause you love to read things that you disagree with?
      *heavy sigh*

  15. I never comment on these kinds of things but it is truly disgusting to a) see a parent teaching their child that it is okay to judge someone/something based off of looks and b) that there are comments putting this woman down for how she is parenting. It’s not your child, so it’s not your decision. So to the mother doing what she believes in her heart is right: Are the outfits a bit tight and a bit short? Maybe for your personal preference, however it is not fair to judge. Just because a person dresses like that doesn’t mean they don’t have a full heart. Some people just prefer to show more leg than others. High school and middle school is when girls decide to really experiment with their clothing style, and to figure out who they really are which is a lot of the premise of the show. If you have ever even taken the time to watch the monster high movies with your daughter, then you would know that this is one of the VERY FEW shows for young girls that teaches kids good morales. There’s an episode about girl power and that girls can play sports just as well as boys. There’s an episode about being true to yourself and that you don’t need material items and popularity to make you happy. There’s an episode about how starting rumours about other people is not okay. There is even an episode where the monsters are scared of humans and humans are scared of monsters without getting to know each other first (sounds a lot like you are teaching your child the opposite of that). That is only 4 of the 12 or so shows. The show really teaches kids the saying.. YOU CANT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. And yet, you are teaching your fun loving child that it’s okay to judge a person off of their looks. Teaching a child at such a young age is going to make for a nasty teenager and an even more nasty acting adult. We need to be teaching our children to be kind to everyone no matter who they are, not be kind to everyone except for the boys and girls that dress more provocatively than you or have less money than you or more money than you and what have you. We need to be making smarter decisions for our children by researching things they want but you are unsure about letting them see. Though there is a lot of misinformation on it, the Internet is a fantastic way to broaden our horizons. Use it to your advantage.

    • Why compare a toy, doll, like in monster high, superman, wonderwoman, barbie, strawberry short cake, the lion king, spiderman, mickey and minnie mouse, little ponny, thomas the train or the little mermaid to a human??? They are fictional characters not to be compared with a human as reality. They are for entertaintment and have fun not to be discriminated because they are not portrait as a human should be or act.
      Like my daughter who is 4 says “they are too pretend and to play” not mimic in real life. Actually I would probably won’t dress my daughter in huge gowns like the queens princesses since I prefer modern style.., Although she likes them, wears them often and she knows that for me always will be my princess lol lol. Actually al those characters have very high standards and great lessons.
      Please I was scared about Monster High but the show is alright, now I am scared of some parents instead who can think so narrow specially at this Century. Better teach the kids kidnnes, good morals, get along with others and have a non judgetive personality.
      This is how they get bullied in schools when they don’t accept others as who they are but how their look are. Thin girls Monsters totally different from the Cabbage dolls that are chuby. Every character is different and every person too… Lol.

  16. What kind of prostitutes do you know
    Because if they dress like this, can I be one too
    In all seriousness though, how stupid are you to legitimately think that cute dolls in bright colors and perfectly appropriate outfits (fun fact: I’m a college sophomore. Your kid is going to see much more “whorish” outfits than these in middle school. None of the doll’s outfits are in any way inappropriate.) is going to turn your daughter into a self-loathing “hooker”.
    I pity your daughter for having such an ill-informed, judgmental, and downright stupid person as a mother. I hope she’s able to turn out well regardless of your awful influence.
    Anyway, I’m on winter break, so I’m going to go back to having a loving and supportive family that made me feel loved and amazing even when I wanted to play with “whore” dolls.
    Good grief.

  17. You are just downright mean. You are teaching your daughter to judge other girls on their looks. “I told her that girls who dress like that often don’t have full and happy hearts, and they use clothing like that to get attention and make themselves feel full.” Why would you say that to a 5 year old? Let her be a child. She is most likely drawn to them because of how colorful and different they are and you are pushing your own insecurities onto her.

    I came across this page because I was unsure if Monster High was appropriate for my 6 year old, who absolutely loves it, but after reading your page I have decided that she can absolutely watch it and have the toys. I will never push adult thoughts and ideas onto her, like you are doing to your daughter. If you are trying to teach your daughter that what you look like doesn’t matter, teaching her to judge others on their looks isn’t the way to do it. Maybe focusing less on how people (or dolls) look, and more on the things they do and the way they act would be more beneficial. This whole page was just you judging them on their looks, which in turn will encourage her to do the same, and not just to toys but to people.

    And I can’t believe that you forced her to dress in too tight clothes to prove a point. SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD. I feel sorry for your kids. Thank you for being an example of how NOT to parent a child.

    • Wow.
      Just wow.
      What if I told you that you’re completely hating and that she’s teaching her child that she doesn’t have to be skinnier than a toothpick to have friends? You’re being nosy and you’re judging on how she parents a child.
      Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine.
      To writer: YOU GO MOMMA! WHOO!

      • It’s not being nosy when someone airs their dirty laundry in the internet. And I don’t care how she or what she teaches her children, but I took away the same thing this poster did.
        I don’t want my daughter to grow up to judge others based on their appearance only. You know that adage beauty is only skin deep? Some people open their mouths and prove they’re ugly to the bone. I’d rather my children have friends that espouse the same ideals that these dolls do than I would them have people in their lives that teach them drivel like the clothes make the (wo)man.

  18. I am so grateful that you took the time to evaluate the content associated with these toys and shows. I, too, would like to challenge parents to really evaluate what marketing messages and content they allow their children to embrace. Thank you for speaking up and sharing!

  19. I don’t think monster high is that inappropriate because if you look at the whole picture you see that monster high is about benig yourself and different and for gods sake it are just dolls it isn’t like they’re saying i dress like this because im insecure.I think they’re have a good taste of style. That’s what children see dolls who look nice and fun to play with.So if you think it is inappropriate oke but don’t tell that to you’re Child.i know parents want the best for theïne Child but that doesn’t men to force your opinie on your Child she can decided for her own. You think it is inappropriate she like it just Let it be because children do the oppositie of what you say.Trust me i know

  20. They are not inappropriate have you seen other dolls monster high dolls are beautifully designed and they stand out from the crowd

  21. I dont think monster high is inapropriate all the movies are about getting along with other and about people being different and its okay to be different they send good messages.

  22. I enjoyed reading this thoughtful piece. Except for the part:

    “I told her that girls who dress like that often don’t have full and happy hearts, and they use clothing like that to get attention and make themselves feel full.”

    Wow. Such mean words. Yes, appearances matter. Yes, we are sending a message by the clothes we choose. Yes, it’s POSSIBLE someone might interpret those clothes that way.

    But to state as fact, that you know what someone else feels in their heart? And to decide that it means something so awful? It really flies in the face of everything else you say.

  23. Monster high is not bad. I mean there just toys sure they could cover more up but isn’t it how they make every doll sorta? I have a whole collection.
    But a mom has to do what she thinks is best for her child.

  24. I have been a fat kid all my life. Dolls never made me feel like i needed to lose weight and such. It was PEOPLE who did that. Kids just like dolls. And yes the dolls don’t have realistic proportions, BUT they are vampires, werewolfs, zombies, mummies, and so on…. which are also not realistic.

  25. Oh my God, just from reading the comments I can understand just how rude and judgmental people truly are. My daughter plays with monster high dolls ALL the time, and guess what? She is one of the most confident, happy, girls I know. She doesn’t notice how skinny they are because she doesn’t care. She knows that real people look nothing like dolls, because she knows the difference between real, and fake.
    If you start pointing out flaws in dolls then they might start pointing out flaws in friends or classmates. I have asked her if the monster high girls have taught her anything and she told me that they taught her everyone is different. They make all the bodies the same so they can all wear the same clothes.

    • I love your response.. You are 100% right. Your daughter will continue to be the most confident and happy girl you know and playing with Monster High Dolls isn’t the deciding factor for that, having a good relationship with your daughter is. People need to chill out.


    • If people wan to critisise monster high’s go ahead, and ya you can voice you oppinion but please don’t hate them on the internet. They are awesome dolls, and ya sure 5 year olds don’t need to play with them, but it is like sayin they cant play with baby doll. Because when you think about it baby dolls are just rushing them into wantin to be a mother. So don’t hate Monster Highs, I’m thirteen and I have a whole collection of monster highs because they are awesome and a great thing to have. So do not hate Monster Highs.

  27. IHATEHATEHATE PEOPLE THINKING MONSTERHIGH IS INPPROPRIATE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • As far as unhealthy body imagery I agree. I don’t mind a monster theme toy for girls or a more gothic look in gerenal. The cloths are overtly sexualized for kids that age. They look like what a costume designer would put on an young girls playing a 14 year old Russian prostotute. I would let my kids watch Elvira queen of darkness before I buy them monster high dolls

  28. This topic hits pretty close to home for me. I have a 5yo girl who is obsessed with mh. Couldn’t love it more. And I admit I enable via providing the movies/buying dolls as gifts, ect. The characters and the message they send are really not so bad. It could be a lot worse. But the list of problems with the show is no joke. You honestly would not even be allowed to be in a high school dressed like that. Really, going to a strip club would be a good option to find anything similar. As an adult capable of critical thinking, I can enjoy such a novelty for what it is. But the thought my precious young daughter will develop her concepts and ideas of what beauty is with mh as a dominating influence is sickening. A 5 year old thinking that dressing like that is normal and ideal is an obvious danger *facepalm*

    Matel is one of the biggest 500 companies in the world. You must ask yourself, why even target a 10 and under female audience with a product promoting death and the macabre as cool/hyper sexualization of youth. I’m hoping to have the right talk with my girl. Not pry it from her hands, but try to use it to teach a few lessons.

    Although in all honesty I am 29, and sometimes I’ll watch an old movie that I remember watching as a young kid and think “wow, my loving parents let me watch this? as if”

    I can’t say it didn’t impact me, at least not in the direct obvious way you would expect. lol

  29. Personally, I can see both sides of the argument but I have a big problem with parents introducing their kids to adult concepts too early.

    (Note: The following is not directed at the original poster. I’m using her post as an example.)

    When I was 5 I didn’t care or notice how big Barbie’s boobs were, except for the time I got a Posh Spice doll and was annoyed by the fact that most of my Barbie’s clothing wouldn’t fit over her huge rack. All that mattered to me was that I could play with Barbie, dress her up in endless varieties of outfits and use her to bring the stories of my imagination to life. I’m very thankful that my parents didn’t forbid me from playing with Barbie dolls. I’m now a fashion designer and a writer and still have a love for dolls to this day (hence, how I came to be on this page. I bought a secondhand MH doll to customize). Barbie stimulated my creativity and contributed to the love of costuming in me. If my parents had taken away my dolls and started pointing out the flaws in them I would’ve been confused in the worst way. I would’ve started to see my world differently, the flaws in it, much too early.

    Tell kids things on a need-to-know basis. Stop loading them up with abstract concepts and societal norms when they aren’t ready for them. When I was a kid, sitting in a skirt with my legs splayed all over the place my parents told me to cross them and ‘sit properly’ because it wasn’t ‘lady-like’; they didn’t tell me it was because boys (and grown men) might look at me with nasty thoughts. Why? Because they didn’t need to. Because the truth at that age would’ve been hugely damaging, no matter was they could’ve dressed up their phasing of it.

    No doll will ever do more damage to a child than parents and teachers who end up unintentionally forcing kids out of their childhood early because of all of their ‘good intentions’ to help their kids grow up to be people who’ll be able survive today’s world. If your 5 year old isn’t the one to point out the doll’s skimpy clothing, DON’T be the one to draw her attention to it. Although you may be doing it to teach her about good body image you’re actually doing the exact opposite. For one thing, telling her that a MH body is unhealthy or unnatural is teaching her that it is not healthy or natural to be thin and thereby you are inviting her to join in the latest trend of ‘skinny hate’: curvy ‘real’ women = good, thin ‘fake’ women = bad. Sorry, but uncharacteristically skinny people DO exist, though maybe not entirely in MH proportions. (Ex. Even though I ate like a horse, I went through grade school with twigs for limbs and was even accused by other kids of being anorexic when I most definitely wasn’t.) For another thing, it’s completely unnecessary to draw her attention to bodies and body flaws in general at that age. 5 year olds don’t need to be worrying about which clothes make them might make them look whorish later on in life.

    Good parenting, not good dolls makes all the difference and that’s what so many MH haters seem to forget. How about instead of taking away dolls from kids we constantly remind them how smart and how capable they are? That’s how you teach kids what qualities have value. So many parents tell their kids ‘you’re so cute’, ‘look how pretty you are’, which tells them to be loved or praised, you have to be pretty, and this is wrong.

    I feel like I should end this response with a wrap-up somehow, but the truth is this ‘doll-debate’ is an ongoing and open-ended issue that everyone will deal with differently. I only wish that it was a stand alone problem and not tied into the catastrophe that is today’s media empire. Maybe then we could come to a resolution more easily. Hey, want to open a big can of worms? We could talk about how MH dolls are actually targeting tweens, and go on to discuss how every faction of teen media needs a serious lesson in keeping it zipped. But…that is another battle for another day, methinks.

    • Whoops. I forgot something. After “Because the truth at that age” part I mean to add this:

      ‘With dolls, if a kid asks why they all look skinny and the same tell them it’s because they’re manufactured on machines and it’s cheaper for the company that way because they can use less materials and one kind of machine, not ‘they’re projecting the notion that all women are skinny’. ‘

    • I really love your response. It totally amazes me that more Moms and Dads don’t think like this! I would never say “her clothes are too skimpy” or “too much makeup” because then I would watch her face as she considers what that even means…she never gave either of those things a thought! Also, without ever watching this, I am being pretty judgmental of their appearance, aren’t I? I do not want to teach that to my child. So if the author of this articles child sees another child on the playground in a skirt and tank in the summertime, is she going to say something rude or judgmental? Because that’s what her Mom taught her? Dolls are dolls, clothes are clothes, kids are kids. My child is 4. She has never played with an MH doll but she sees the show page on Netflix-we have never watched it. I know she wants to because it looks grown up. I just say it is inappropriate and she will have to wait until she is 7 years old. And then she starts naming off her friends that are 7, and she is happy and unconcerned about it once again. One time we watched Bratz-and it was mean-and so we decided not to watch it. She asks to watch it sometimes but I say I didn’t really like the behavior of the kids on the show and I think we should wait until she is older. She is cool with that, too.
      This reminds me of that black yoga pant article. Which reminded me of the feelings that I felt in high school when we were told (the girls) that we couldn’t wear tank tops. At that young age, I still understood the way that made me feel. It made me feel that I should be ashamed of my body. That boys can’t help the way they think. That I would be better covered up. These are NOT healthy thoughts to put into a developing child’s mind. Punish the actions of those the perpetrator, not the victims. Similarly, explaining these adult thoughts to your child is way too much for such a young age. You are punishing them for others thoughts, thoughts that are not her own.

  30. I do think monster high dolls and bratz are kinda whore ish for kids.
    BUT that said Barbie dolls are the same thing body wise and when I was 4-5 I wasn’t like ” I want boobs and a tiny waist” I never really even noticed barbies boobs and little wasit I didn’t think I had to be that way or my mom was like that, I just thought of it as a doll and I think parents read wayyyy to much into things.

    • Hi Kaitlin,

      I totally get what you are saying. I LOVED “Charlie’s Angels” when I was a kid, and “jiggle TV” meant nothing to me. What I saw were THREE girls having adventures, starring in a show, and I craved that. BUT, I also did learn, deep inside, that in order for things to happen to you, in order to lead and exciting life, if you were a girl you had to look a certain way. If you did not look like Charlie’s Angels or Barbie, you were basically invisible. You did not exist. That same old look is everywhere and if affects all of us.



  31. Maybe these dolls look inappropriate for young children because these dolls are for slightly older kids. They might look weird because they’re monsters. Their main purpose is to be gorgeous in a different way. I understand, that as a mother, you need to make sure everything your children do and like is actually good for them, if you’d like, you can visit their website to learn more aout the dolls. You’ll see there’s nothing to be worried about.
    As her mother, don’t you trust her to make the right decision on what’s right to like?

  32. my daighter is 6! her favorite tv show? backyardagains and tom and jerry….do u remember tom and jerry? or did your mom not let you watch it because there was a cat chasing a mouse….does that depect sex like some would more turn to? NO! her favorite dolls? Monster High and Hello Kitty! Favorite movie? Brave! Am I a bad mother? I am pleasently plump….my 2 daughters; eat fuit and veggies every day and are healthy not overweight by any standards….am i a bad mother? No! it’s how you raise your children and monitor their upbringing. She has a tv in her room and is allowed to watch what ever she wants, i have parental settings that do not allow her to watch anything that is rated pg or higher! she is allowed to express her individuality which is something we are working on right now. as long as i am there to guide here and she knows what i expect she can pretty much have her way! dont get me wrong she is not a hooch and that is not what i expect, all of her shorts are bermuda and longer. because that is what she has been taught from birth. So before you blame a DOLL for your lack of parenting skills and better judgement maybe you should re-evaluate your methods and entire the 21st century 🙂

    • Dolls definitely have an impact. I remember being eleven and deciding I wanted to be a barbie doll. I would sit alone in my room and just stare at a barbie and pick out differences between the doll and I. Anything “wrong” with me bothered me so much because I couldn’t be as pretty as a doll, or any of the other things I grew up with (everything in society is beautiful today). I would go to school and compare myself to other girls and realize they had much better features than I did. Eventually I developed eating disorders and many other issues. Those insecurities still haunt me, and it all starts witha doll

      • You aren’t alone! Barbie dolls helped create more anorexic elementary & junior high girls, along with “Fashion” & “Tween” magazines than just about any other factor! I had forgotten about that!
        I never played with dolls much, nor did I understand the attraction to them, so I wasn’t ever affected much by then. I’m sure my brothers played with G.I. Joe (Which even at at a very young age I felt was training boys to grow up & go to war.)
        I came here as a concerned grandparent, wondering what this “Monster High” is all about. Having a young granddaughter who told me about a boy that downloaded some sex scene, and mentioned Monster High in the same sentence, yes! I have some real concerns!
        I don’t watch TV, nor do I believe in the mass commercialism that goes on. There’s a reason they call what you see on TV “Programming”, a reason they sell clothing, dolls, cars, fashion accessories, etc., etc., etc., and it’s not only for money, although there are many who rely on keeping the consumerism alive to have a job, they seem to miss a lot of the subliminal messages SOME children get from TV programming, which affects us all in the long run.
        I, to this day, haven’t seen a single episode of ” Monster’s High”, yet just the fact that the type of conversations that are occurring here (my 1st stop on looking to see what this is teaching kids) tells me that there are FAR more productive things children, tweens & teens could & should be doing.
        The fact that there’s a chance that a grandchild could be SO negatively affected by a TV show, the “Norms” of a bunch of pieces of plastic molded into nonrealistic versions of humans and sold as “Having positive messages” (I’ve been told) seems to be where the road gets rather fuzzy for young minds. Young children cannot always decipher between fantasy & reality. Making that line even more fuzzy by telling them (& their parents) that there are “Good messages” for them in a TV show leaves some kids very conflicted & confused it seems.
        At the very least it seems that this show should be (if it isn’t already) rated for at least High School & up (13-14+ years old), YET who plays with the bulk of these dolls? Certainly NOT high school aged kids, but the K-6th grade kids, more targeted at K-4th grade (5-9 years old), which seems to be the real problem.
        Again, I’ve never seen this TV show, although I was asked if I could get a MH doll for Christmas by my 6 year old granddaughter.
        After being reminded of the very high percentage of young girls who ARE affected by dolls, magazines, etc. And DO develop eating disorders, something like an art set or some sort, tools, a musical instrument, etc. sound infinitely better than some plastic that could do very real physical &/or psychological harm to a child.
        Have ANY of you asked why children need ANYTHING commercial at all?
        I know my granddaughter likes the Disney characters and all too, although I see obsessions & behaviors directly linked to the movies and TV these kids watch that cause problems in the classroom and behavioral problems with friends and in homes, often created by what these kids watch, like & in many cases (about 1/3-1/2) idolize.
        I’ve seen quite a few young kids these days that will go to my daughter’s house for a “Play Date”, yet have a cell phone in hand & seem to have the idea that physically being elsewhere, yet watching the same things at a ‘friend’s’ home, staring at a screen, and a couple of parents heeding their 5-7 year old’s call to “resume their video” is YES, a parenting issue, but it affects us all.
        IF these kids have parents teaching them the difference between fantasy & reality, there’s less chance that they’ll become an anorexic or bulemic because the constant barrage of media showing super thin girls, BUT there’s STILL that roughly 40-50% that STILL, despite many parents that DO teach their children, yet STILL are affected by it, STILL have at least short-term, and a rising more long-term eating disorder problems.
        It isn’t a single show, a single image, it’s the mass quantities of images & “Social Norms” these kids feel they should comply by, idolize, stand for, stand with, etc.
        Why aren’t we teaching kids logic, problem-solving, how to do things, read things, create things by and for themselves?
        Kids these days aren’t only exposed to FAR too inappropriate things in media (Disney has become horrible for this, both by what everyone sees on the screen AND subliminal messages, that are quite disturbing. There are quite a few YouTube videos that point out the twisted things that a few pedophile artists, and apparently a few social experimenters, are spoon-feeding kids as young as preschoolers, although much of it seems to target junior high school age. There are some sick people who find their way into working with kid’s media pushing sex, drugs, submissiveness to predators, not to listen to parents, and the list goes on!)
        Thank you for your post about your experience! I knew quite a few people, even when I was younger, that had at least fairly short-term bouts of dieting, anorexia & bulemia! I recall a friend of my daughter’s having an issue with it, not telling anyone until her children reached their teen years!
        THAT needs to be talked about!
        I suppose in order to discover what this Monster’s High thing us all about I’ll have to see what at least the webisodes are all about.
        The FACT that the conversations I see here are even going on tells me that this can’t be a healthy thing! I see people in restaurants & even parties staring at cell phone screens, which is another part of the problem! I totally understand & support my kids when they have a party & in order to step in the door , the cell phones must be relinquished!
        Sad when you have to do something like this with adults!
        I remember when I was a kid, a few restaurants that serves alcohol with dinner required adults to check their firearms at the door or table should they be ordering hard alcohol, and people did it! They picked them up after dinner, or if they went to the bar & got hammered, a friend was allowed to pick it up.
        Our culture has changed and is changing.
        As a result of FAR to much reliance on cell phones & media, I see far more negatives than positives! So many kids starting college now, mostly those who don’t earn their way in, yet get in by other means of entitlement, have an inability to communicate socially with others. So many have absolutely NO critical thinking skills at all, thus have no idea what college is about (& CLEARLY need to sort that out BEFORE wasting time, money & resources by going to college, then being unhappy that it’s a place of higher learning! YES! I actually saw a protest at UC Berkeley this last week where “students” (actually it started as a social experiment in a few other colleges, came to Cal by some paid participants, then was allowed to spread (once again!)) were protesting FOR racial segregation! AGAINST people studying in the library! I hope these kids wake the heck IP & get their heads & minds into the REAL world!
        Fantasy is a wonderful thing, yet NOT when it’s programming is every waking hour!
        This isn’t only a “Monster’s High” & the stuff from that franchise sold to kids & parents, there are other things out there that are CLEARLY FAR worse!

        BUT, when I’m told what a “GREAT TV show” this is for kids, when adults are trying to tell me how wonderful it is, yet I’m seeing these concerns, there’s FAR too many kids being programmed to slight themselves and to not think for themselves, but be told what to think, how to feel, etc., and YES! some shows that are so popular DO cause social changes, weather you intend for that to happen or not!

        Turn the TV & cell phones off people!

        There’s a real world out there that is FAR more interesting!

  33. I think this is ridiculous. They are dolls. My god, parents these days. How about not let her play with baby dolls either because that teaches girls to have sex at a young age and want a baby… NOT!

  34. “I want to teach them to use their intuition and common sense when it comes to hard decisions.” Using intuitiion to make decisions? Intuition is governed by the right hemisphere, which also controls emotions and creativity. The problem is, people who frequently use their intuition have an overinclusive thinking style, and they have are unable to think in a precise manner. That’s the main reason why it’s a bad idea to “trust your guts”, and it is better to be rational and logical.

    • Hi Nan-Yi-Wang,

      Disagree that it is never good to use your “intuition.” The problem is, obviously, that what we think is intuition is often not listening to our heart but a manufactured message.


      • Isnt intuition what made them want a monster high doll in the first place, in other words what most ppl call intuition is a subconscious that has been endoctrinated by advertisement since birth lol Listen to mathematics rather, dolls dressed liek hookers + easilly influenced child= future teen dressing like a hooker.

  35. My daughter and I collect these dolls together. You can take these dolls and show your child examples of how these dolls equal all the wrong ideas of how a young girl should act/look/dress etc. But, you can also take them and use them to show your children how you can be flawed and beautiful. Of course a child isn’t going to look at the doll in the store and automatically notice what the dolls personal flaw is (it is a doll after all, no one has ever successfully released a doll that wasn’t attractive – you can’t blame Mattel). But when you as a parent sit with your child and read the literature on the box and the journals that are included they start to understand the meaning behind Monster High. Mattel put in a lot of work to design the boxes with tons of information for each character and journals to show what they are feeling inside day by day, so that you and your child get to know him or her and how they embrace their flaw(s). This is what people always overlook who haven’t educated themselves on this doll line. Another thing my daughter and I do together is read the Monster High book series together. She is 7 so I read a chapter or two out loud to her every night. The books make a huge statement of what the Monster High line represents and gives your child an idea of what youth goes through and how to handle those situations in the proper way. I really wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge these dolls as they are actually the first dolls I’ve come across that teach you to love yourself no matter what others may think of you. I believe every parent has the absolute 100% right to chose what they deem acceptable for their children, but I don’t think bashing the dolls all over the internet is necessary at all.

  36. it’s very simple actually. You DON’T tell her Monster High is inappropriate. Because guess what? IT’S NOT! How many people are this ignorant that they can’t even look into something without judging it? 5 minutes on the Monster High website and you will change your tune guaranteed. Monster High is about embracing your freaky flaws and being yourself even if your…a monster. who better to show kids it’s ok to have flaws and be different than monsters? im a tween and before you say…”Sweetie we are the adults here.” let me just tell you this: what would you rather have your daughter playing with: Bratz? with their ten tons of makeup and unrealistic clothes and faces? Barbies? complete clones with bleach blonde hair and no orianality what so ever? Or Monster High? Unique beautiful funny dolls and characters that encourage girls to love the skin their in and realize that flaws are ok. They are what make If I were you I would think about it and give Monster High one more try because if you don’t, you are missing out on something truely great.

    • I am a tween to and I LOVE monster high dolls. They made me fell good about myself. I used to hate everything about me then monster high doll came out and taught me that every one is different and has flaws. So u people who r saying that monster high is bad for your kid u should cheat out monster and look at it then u will see that monster high dolls r not bad for your kids they r actually good for your kids.

  37. I’m an 11yr old girl and i have something to say about this: first of all i think the reason i don’t like barbie is because she is an over achever she does all this stuff oh look I’m the president or I’m on the moon! That is a little girls dream look in the real world people! That doesn’t happen everyday! And how is your child getting the clothes to look like a hooker at age 3? The Mother (or Father) should be the ones buying their appropriate clothes NOT skimpy little clothes. Have you looked at MH dolls then looked at Bratz dolls? Bratz have to much make-up VS MH dolls with less make-up and they can be dressed appropriately
    if you disapprove of one of the dolls clothes then don’t buy the doll! (and or outfit) If u disapprove of this i would suggest Skipper dolls they don’t have big boobs and they aren’t uber skinny they are dressed in t-shirts and shorts with sneakers so if u don’t like them so b it

    • Hi Catie,

      I get that comment a lot: if you disapprove, don’t buy it. Unfortunately, its way more than that; Maybe if I didn’t let my kid watch TV or go to any movie or talk to her friends or go to their houses or look out the window and billboards or go into a Target, that would work.

      Barbie an overachiever? Are you kidding me? Maybe as far as times she can clone herself.


  38. I’m a child therapist and a parent. I think what we teach our children is tremendously important, and I think our actions teach them far more than our words do. I respect the parent who chooses not to allow their children to play with certain toys; I also respect the parent who lets the child choose their toys. What I do not respect is the way that parents bash each other over parenting decisions, tearing each other down because we feel our decisions are the only right ones. Unfortunately that, not the toy, is what our children often end up learning most about.

  39. Honestly, this is just plain, well, idiotic. It’s a doll, for God’s sake. I swear, anything that’s not a baby doll is out to corrupt today’s youth. Yeah, they’re dolls, they’re going to be what you would call “aesthetically pleasing”. The true message of Monster High is to teach girls to accept their flaws. Hell, they even have their flaws written on their boxes! It’s not supposed to be about appearances, but close-minded, judgmental soccer-moms like you have to make everything moderately enjoyable a conspiracy.

    • HI Daeleen,

      Wow, I’m a closed-minded, judgmental soccer mom? I’m not sure what you mean by “soccer mom” but you should check out my bio. If the “true message” of Monster High is accepting flaws, I don’t think there’s a kid out there– certainly not mine when she saw the photo of then– that gets that. They look like prostitutes.


      • I will give you that the Basic dolls need to cover up more, but Mattel has listened to complaints and the newer dolls are much better. Didn’t take that into perspective, did you? How can a child receive the message of a doll line by just looking at a picture? Tell me, how on earth are one-piece bathing suits and very modest pajamas in any way sexual?

  40. My kids play with Monster High dolls and Barbies. They have a full self esteem and also know these dolls are not real, and that people come in all different shapes and sizes. When I go to the toy store with my daughters, I encourage them to find what they think they will enjoy. I know many people have huge problems with some toys that kids play with (although the “boys toys” are equally ridiculous in their physiques, just look at some of the “super hero” dolls who couldn’t get those physiques without steroids) and I can understand that.

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