Eve Ensler speaks to SF community leaders about stopping violence against women

Yesterday, award-winning writer and activist Eve Ensler spoke to Bay Area domestic violence direct service workers about how to end violence against women. She spoke at the Ivory Steuben luncheon which is organized by Marjorie Swig and named for a survivor of domestic violence.

Ensler had just come from the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York and she spoke about how economic issues are inseparable from stopping violence against women: girls around the world are sold into sex trafficking for less money than the cost of a cell phone; women economically dependent on their partners can’t afford to leave abusive relationships; in Topeka, Kansas, after a 10% budget cut, the DA’s office announced it would decriminalize DV, no longer wasting money prosecuting that misdemeanor. THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE USA.

Ensler said stopping violence against women cannot continue to be our last priority, it has to be our first. Violence against women is inter-related to every issue: health, economy, education, politics, foreign policy.

Other community leaders at the event spoke about how no SF mayoral candidates had put DV in their written platforms. Chris Cunnie who is running for Sheriff was at the event and spoke about his commitment to stop violence against women. He’ll have my vote.

I’ll post more news from the event soon.

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