Does new ad show model ‘wearing nothing but her ChapStick’?

Did the marketing team at Pfizer come up with this one too?

After ChapStick took down its ass ad, the company’s FB page read: “We’ve removed the image and will share a newer ad with our fans soon!”

Nine to Five from Australia reports:

ChapStick Australia has announced reigning Australia’s Next Top Model winner Amanda Ware as the new face of its 2011 campaign.

Amanda will feature in a series of cheeky adverts, wearing nothing but her ChapStick – inspired by the brand’s new tag line Never let your lips go naked.

Cheeky adverts? Really?

Maybe ChapStick is trying to change its image, no longer highlighting athletes like Picabo Street, Dorothy Hamill, and Suzy Chaffee, opting instead to showcase female body parts. That would be a weird tactic, because I thought the ass ad was supposed to have nothing to do with sexualizing women, it’s just a girl who’s lost her ChapStick, after all.

I have no idea if naked women ads are really in the works (the link is dated June 3, 2011) but I’d be bummed to see them.

Here’s another link that sounds like a Playboy press release: Amanda Ware to bare it all for ChapStick  at The post reads:

Not known for their celebrity endorsements, Chapstick experienced a bit of a revival when Katy Perry sung about a “cherry Chapstick” in her debut hit ‘I Kissed A Girl’. The first ChapStick was invented in the early 1880s, making it one of the oldest beauty brands still around today with a comprehensive range of lip balms and glosses that covers the classics, shimmers and flavoured options.

So maybe the new campaign strategies represent Pfizer’s desire to reach a new generation of consumers, capitalizing on Katy Perry fans who don’t know ChapStick is known for previous celebrity endorsements? It would be so much cooler to just show the woman lifting the couch and finding the tube there.

4 thoughts on “Does new ad show model ‘wearing nothing but her ChapStick’?

  1. Brilliant marketing campaign with a huge PR aftershock! Brilliant!

    Thanks to the pseudo-intellectual,​ pseudo-forever-the-victim sexists out there, Chapstick / Pfizer has scored $10′s of millions in increased consumer awareness for the cost of a single advertising campaign.

    Noting the faux uproar, Chapstick / Pfizer will attempt to ameliorate those offended by the first ad as follows:

    A second phase of the campaign will reprise the set-up of the first ad but will feature a similarly posed “Michelle Obama-esque” gender neutral female in relaxed fit jeans, a plaid flannel work shirt and thick-soled Doc Martins showing neck & arm tat’s, a little flesh overlap at the waist and the hint of a tramp stamp on her exposed lower back and upper buttocks.

    That’s sure to be an ad that keeps on working overtime for the Chapstick brand.


    As for your comment………not so much.

    A bit too self-righteous, self-important and self-absorbed pandering to just about anyone who feels strongly one way or the other about the Chapstick ad campaign.

    Self-promotion needs to be subtle………….this is blatant and egregious even to the most politically correct.

  2. Good grief! Let’s hope they thought the better of this idea. . .
    However, I don’t think that exactly sounds like a “playboy press release” — it actually is a bit informative.

  3. Oh, looks like they’re having the last laugh on you. I recognize this, it’s “Morgan Rule #1”: If we’re gonna be accused, we wanna be guilty.

    I think it’s great. They’re as much as telling you to stop buying their product, or gain a new sense of perspective, and they don’t particularly care which.

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