Kim Clijsters wins Australian open!!!!

Kim wins again! The Australian Open! Her first time!

How cool is that?

Kim Clijsters celebrates win with her daughter

After beating Li Na (3-6, 6-3, 6-3) Clijsters wiped tears from her eyes. So this week, we saw her laugh and cry. Just a few days ago, after winning an earlier match, Clijsters was unable to stop smiling when she publicly confronted courtside reporter Todd Woodbridge for sending a nasty text message about her which implied that she was fat. Clijsters is an awesome player and a very, cool woman who skillfully knows how to come out a winner in all kinds of situations.

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One thought on “Kim Clijsters wins Australian open!!!!

  1. A class act. BTW, have you followed the story in England about Keys @ Gray, and how their microphone was on when they made comments about a female linesman during a soccer match? It’s a huge story over there and I’m disgusted as to some of the comments defending them. Let’s say it wasn’t a woman, but another minority. Still okay?

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