Share your Christmas stories

Please share with me any stories you have about shopping and what you found marketed to boys or girls, what you bought, and what they end up liking or hating.

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to make ReelGirl a great resource for parents looking for media and products that will empower their kids. I’m going to focus on rating toys, books, TV, and movies. I can use your help telling me what’s out there.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

4 thoughts on “Share your Christmas stories

  1. I was somewhat put out by the clothing for girls. I was shopping for my niece, who is seven. Not only are they just shrunken down versions of what adults wear, but it’s what “trampy” adults wear (sorry to pass comment on a person’s lifestyle, but really…) It isn’t appropriate to plaster the word “hot” in glitter on a kid’s torso. Sequins are okay for dress-up, not regular wear. Besides the sleaze factor, how can they play and move in this crap?

  2. This is the first time on your website & I really like your articles. I have a 3 month old girl, my first child. I am not a spring chicken so most likely I will not have any more. I have a hard time with what to get for her to “play” with. What do you think of the baby einstein dvd?
    Was reading about the baby girls with no hair & parents who put bows etc. My daughter doesnt really have hair & I love it, her head is so soft & smells so good, lol. A few people have thought she was a boy but it doesnt bother me at all.

    • Hi Heidi,

      I’m not a huge fan of Baby Einstein, but I don’t hate it either. I think it can be a useful ‘babysitter’ but I don’t think it makes kids smart as the name implies.

      Those bows are so silly! On the bald babies! People always think my toddler is a boy and if I tell them she’s not, they get so embarassed and apologize. I always say, “I don’t care! They’re all the same!”

      Thanks for visiting ReelGirl.


  3. Hi Margot,

    Being the lucky mom of a 4 year old boy who loves pink and purple, and a 2 year old little girl who cannot be bothered with dresses, I started designing fabrics and kids clothes to match their tastes. It’s very small at this stage, and mostly for my own kids and my friends’ kids (lack of time and resources, but definitively no shortage of ideas), but I’m determined to bring something out. Many of my friends share the frustration of having such strong gender limitation when it comes to clothes. The boy department is especially sad once you remove sport and truck themes, and nebulous, somewhat aggressive logos, mostly on a very limited palette. I love your ReelGirl 2011 resolution mentioned above, it will be a welcome alternative for many parents.

    Happy holidays.


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