Most annoying girl characters in books

On  kids books: the worst of the worst: Amelia Bedilia and Little Miss Naughty. I actually have a hard time with the entire Little Miss series.

Let me know your thoughts on irritating girl characters. I know some of you aren’t fans of Fancy Nancy (I am) or Eloise.

On sleep: On a happier note, my kids are such great sleepers, I’ve adopted what I taught them “the schedule!” To deal with insomnia, I started turning off my light at exactly the same time every night– 10pm. I’ve been doing this for about a month and sleeping better than I have in years. Part of that may be my kids are all sleeping through the night too. I also used other tips from a book I read on sleep by William Dement, including stopping using the computer and dimming the lights a couple hours before bed.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours has been really nice but not at all a vacation. Looking forward to Monday.

2 thoughts on “Most annoying girl characters in books

  1. Ah sleep. I’m one who fetishes it. I dream of sleeping in til noon. Getting up to have lunch. Oh the memories. I never thought 7:30 would be considered sleeping in.

    My wife would love 24 hours of sleep. Without kids, and I think, unfortunately, without me. She might get it for her next birthday. A solo John Lennon/ Yoko Ono day.

    I highly recommend f.lux for anyone with a laptop in bed. It slowly adjusts the color balance of your screen to avoid the constant “daylight blue” tones of regular displays. I think it’s helped both of us close it up sooner and get some more zs.

    • Hi Joe,

      I’ve never even heard of the color balance on the computer. For me, I think its not just the light but the stress of using it and addiction quality. I could stay on the thing all night! But yes, apparently our bodies are super-triggered by light and we should put nightlights in the bathrooms, because any exposure sends some messages to your body not to sleep.

      Thanks for visiting ReelGirl.


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