12 thoughts on “How fairy tales really end

  1. Margot, how about an apology and referral to Dina’s web site on the City Brights blog? It’s unfair to use any artist’s work without attribution; how about if you at least use your platform to give a shout out to Dina’s work?

    • Here’s the to my apology to Dina Goldstein, the artist, on SF Gate. I wish after receiving the mass email, I had been able to find her name or site on the net. I hope it’s all more accesible now and sorry for the confusion to all. I hope her works get a larger platform from these links.


    • Jennifer,

      The sushi is not part of Dina’s work. She is not happy that it was included and also understandably not happy that I did not credit her.

      I searched the internet and saw the photos in other places, but was unable to find the source. Nonetheless, I should’ve located it or not put them up.


  2. Margo,
    I see that you have used my pictures on your site.
    Please remove them asap. They are copy written and not available to ANYONE.
    Next time you find photos that you would like to include on your site…perhaps you can contact the artist and get permission.
    Also credit them.

    • Dina,
      Very sorry for not crediting your work. I was unable to find the source, only the photos when I did a search. The photos I initially recieved in an email and the emailer did not know where they came from. The post is changed and now just links to your site. Thank you for making such great art.


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