The Seven Chinese Sisters ***GGG***

The book begins with a double page illustration of all the sisters lined up, smiling, but looking directly at the reader. I’m always trying to teach Lucy to look people in the eye when she is talking to them and to speak with a strong voice. I get no help from all these shy princesses and shy girls in movies and books, always coyly looking away. Even books I like such as Louder Lily and Shrinking Violet are about timid girls; it frustrates me that acting shy is so often presented in kid lit and kids’ media as the essence of femininity. Are there any books about shy boys? Please let me know, I want read them to my kids. God knows there are shy boys in real life and this giant discrepancy in the fiction world makes no sense. I guess when the girls appear shy, it’s an easy way to make boys seem brave.

These seven sisters are courageous and cool and beautiful. Each sister has a special skill– driving a scooter as fast as the wind, the ability to speak to dogs, catching any ball no matter how high. All these talents come in handy  when a dragon kidnaps the baby and her older sisters must rescue her (so it’s also a good opportunity to teach kids about foreshadow.)

The dragon is bright red and the pictures are vivid and magical looking. My three year old absolutely loves the picture of the dragon grabbing up the baby sister, she’ll just stare at it for minutes at a time. There are many action shots including the girls speeding up the mountian in the scooter, leaping high to slap the dragon, catching the baby when she is tossed through the air.

I also like this story because it turns out the dragon is wicked because he is so lonely. I’m always telling my kids that’s why people are bad or mean– they didn’t get enough love and just need more. I hope this is true.

4 thoughts on “The Seven Chinese Sisters ***GGG***

  1. I’m psyched your son is fan. I think it’s so important for parents to take the initiative and read books about girls to boys. Parents of girls seem to have no problem doing this. Even if it’s true that boys initially aren’t interested in stories about girls (I don’t think it is true) than challenge your child out of his comfort zone a little. He’ll enjoy it and grow!

    That’s also a great point about the baby sister learning how to say “No!” Big, strong voice too.


  2. my 7-year old son loves the 7 chinese sisters. he has special affinity with the one who knows kung-fu, and envies 1st sister’s scooter very much… i love how 7th sister finds her voice and learns to say “no!”.

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