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Check out this written for SFgate by Woodhull Institute alumn Lisa Hix. The article, about a new book called The Supergirls, claims that SF author Mike Madrid is finally giving superheroines their due. Yay, it’s about time!

I love this quote from Madrid, author of The Supergirls, just because it is so right on: “When I was growing up in the ’60s, a lot of guys didn’t like the women in comics, because they thought they were useless and annoying. The women were there to escalate the danger. They were supposed to be members of the team, but often times they created extra work because the men had to rescue them.”

How many of us have sat in movie theatres screaming at the women not to do all the stupid things the films’ writers, directors, and producers make these actresses do? It’s mind programming on such a massive scale, getting audiences all over the world accustomed to seeing women act passive, frightened, and dumb.

I haven’t seen this new book, but am excited to check it out. When I got Wonder Woman for my daughter, she asked me “Why is she always in her underwear?” So I’m hoping at least some of these supergirls have clothes on and no implants along with doing brave things; I’ve been so disappointed in female superheroines of the past, with their tiny skirts and missle  breasts, looking like sex fantasies of teen boys instead of girlpower. I’m a little nervous that the author of The Supergirls is a guy, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because he sounds so smart. Ratings on this book coming as soon as I get it.

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  1. Ms Magowan: Thanks for your interest in my brother’s book. I saw your comment on SFGate and I hope you find it of value. I read on your blog about it, and I’m psyched that you would be able to read and pass on your thoughts on this long-overdue work. Don’t be concerned that it’s written “by a guy;” I found it to be quite balanced, and I know, he’s my brother, but I can assure you, he’s taken the time to look at it objectively. He’s been reading comics since he was very young–so if anybody knows this stuff, he’s one of them.

    Enjoy! He will be speaking at four locations in Marin (see and also note the appearance at City College Feb 19. He also told me he will be at SF Library in early spring.

    We appreciate your interest.
    Barbara Madrid

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