Kell on Earth

I’ve been a Kelly Cutrone fan since she first appeared as Whitney Port’s boss on The Hills, MTV’s hit reality show about young women trying to get rich and famous in LA (problem is, they are already rich and famous from being on the show– very meta– but the program, somehow avoids showing any of that, except you’ll see Heidi Montag and her apparently totally unemployed husband, Spencer, move from their condo to a huge, gorgeous house with crazy views.)

For those who don’t know of her, Kelly owns a fashion/ PR company called People’s Revolution. Whitney Port got a job there when her Teen Vogue internship was up, and then brought along her friend Lauren Conrad. Then Whitney moved to NYC to work for Diane Von Furstenburg for a season, but now she’s back working with Kelly who is suporting/ mentoring her as she tries to launch her own fashion line.

So in case you can’t tell, I’ve been watching this MTV show since Laguna Beach days. None of these shows are for kids, but for a tired mom at the end of the day– perfect. It’s a great, mindlesss accompaniment to reading my weekly tabs. When the kids are asleep, my husband is working, I have some quiet, alone time for just half an hour, about once a week. There’s nothing like it.

Kelly Cutrone fascinates me because she works in the model/ fashion business but her hair is always kind of stringy, pulled back in a pony tail. She wears black head to toe, usually a long sleeved shirt black shirt and pants, no make up. Yet, you see her critiquing models and fashion all the time– and she’s right on with everything she says. How does she do it? How does she live and work in this world, be so succesful and not internalize any of it? It’s like she has magical powers, can get close to kryptonite and be immune. Is it that putting on great fashion shows is just like she’s creating any kind of a product, like say, sofas, so of course she’s not going to get all upset because she doesn’t look like her sofa?

On an Episode of The City, Kelly famously told a model, Ali, that she was too thin. It was great to hear that kind of honesty on this insane show (of course Ali denied it and freaked out, she was born thin, has always been thin, has hgh metabolism) though I don’t really see Ali’s body as much different than the multitude of skinny girls on the show.

I think its cool that Kelly has her own very successful business, looks like she employs almost allwomen and mentors them too. I’d like to have her on my side. It’s actually Kelly Cutrone that gave me the push to start blogging. I was reading in the NY Times Style section sometime in December I think, an article about fashion shows, and how some bloggers have reached the same status as fashion mags and these editors are up in arms about it. Kelly is quoted saying something like, “Would I put a blogger from Oklahoma in the front row next to an editor an Elle? Yes.” Before that, as a writer who achieved some level of success freelancing in “old media”, I was avoiding blogging– anyone can do it? you don’t have to pitch an editor? You don’t get paid for your wrting? Who reads it? I’m still a new blogger and don’t understand completely why I’m doing it (or even what an RSS feed is) but if Kelly is into it, so am I.

Kell on Earth is a new reality show just  about Kelly. Again, not for kids, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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