Why 3 kids?

Often I get asked, “Why three?” or “Was she planned?”

This may seem like a rude question, but mostly I get it from people who know me pretty well– I never really imagined having kids.

So part of what happened was I fell in love. Not only is my husband tall, dark and handsome (and brilliant, of course) he’s from a huge family, catholic– the youngest of seven. (I’m done reproducing at 3, my last baby was almost ten pounds, and I was done anyway.) My husband was so amazing with our first baby and every baby after; he’s the greatest father.

Our first baby was so difficult. She had colic and cried for a year. After dealing with that along the transition from being single to being married with a kid, every other transition (more babies) has been easy. When people ask me if three is hard, I always say, “One was hard.”

I feel so lucky to have three girls. I have two sisters, so I kind of feel like its my destiny. Also, I don’t see or feel any split about working on my career and raising kids. Part of being a good mom can include being financially literate, providing for them financially whenever you can, making sure the mortgage is covered and their education is funded. Most moms I know who make money love the feeling of providing for their families, though everyone wishes they had more time. I think that’s universal.

(There may seem like a disconnect between this post and my last, but if it were up to my husband, we’d have about ten more kids)

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