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My six year old is obsessed! Good or bad? We watched three videos tonight– why does Taylor get her own section in On Demand? Lucy is dancing all around the house, singing at the top of her lungs. I know nothing about Taylor, but she does have a good voice and I think she writes her own songs. Comments?

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  1. Hi Mila–

    That Def Leppard story is hilarious and makes me like her more too. I can’t believe Miley doesn’t like vampires, maybe she is making a lame attempt to be original and say she’s not into Robert Patterson?

  2. I also have decided ( somewhat reluctantly) that I like Taylor Swift. The barbie doll look was a turn off as well. Then I read an interview with her and she seems to have a lot of self respect and a good head on her shoulders plus she said that she loves Def Leppard, because when her mom was pregnant with her she listened to it all the time. The thought of her rocking out to this great 80’s hair band really was endearing Its like it made her seem more down to earth. Miley Cyrus gives me the creeps. Plus she hates vampires, no fun at all!

  3. Yes, Taylor writes her own songs. The kids love her…but its more than that. She is one of the top selling artists (maybe even number one last year)and I believe she has a grammy. As for lyrics, how much can a newly 20 year old write about? She does have another hit that talks about being naive–believing in fairy tale love stories. Also, you may want to google her and Kanye West (He either took a mic out of her hand or an award on live TV because he thought she was untalented.) She was praised for handling his rude behavior with grace.

    Margot–my son collects Bakugan. You place the Gate card upside down (these have the magnets in them which open the Bakugan). A player rolles their Bakugan. If you roll your Bakugan and it lands on a card with mine, we battle. You add the points on the Bakugan (tiny numbers called G’s) You add the points on the card you landed on (now flipped over for the battle) Also you can add an ability card but we don’t do this (too complicated). The highest points win. This is the simplest way to play. It is based on a cartoon series that you can watch for free on the internet. It explains the whole card, creatures, Bakugan thing.

  4. As a teenager, I have heard a lot of Taylor Swift. While she has some songs that are about gaining independence and finding one’s self, one of her most popular songs (titled “Love Story”) is about a quintessential love story in which the idea of a woman being dependent on a man is quite prevalent. I can imagine this song perpetuating an unhealthy message for girls/ women as you describe how “…the Cinderella fantasy is still fed to us, especially young women, and then we go out into the word” (CNN December 29, 2000).

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