Lucy and I finally braved the crowds, motivated by a week of being trapped inside by storms, to visit the planetarium at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Lucy is obsessed with Saturn and has been begging me to take her for months.

We saw a show called Journey to the Stars. Settling back in my seat, listening to the narration, there was something distracting about the voice. And then I realized– it was a female voice.  I am so used to watching these epic nature films accompanied  by a booming, authouritarian, voice of God type (what we call in talk radio, where I used to work– a three ball voice. Gene Burns, if you know who he is, has one. Casey Kasem too, James Earl Jones, of course.)

“Journey to the Stars” is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. It’s wonderful. My only complaint is the planetarium is not a planetarium, its not a dome, it’s a half dome, more like an Imax theatre, in fact, just like an Imax. What’s up with that?***GGG***

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